Skit In A Sentence

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  • This skit was well appreciated.
  • He asked me about putting that skit in the book.
  • After den, we met another skit of woods.

How To Use Skit In A Sentence?

  • In the city, where money follows the skit of a pen, or a lucky rise in exchange, it comes to be looked on as light.
  • He was writing a skit about a bit of doggerel which was then making nights and days unhappy for many undeserving persons who in an evil moment had fallen upon it in some stray newspaper corner.
  • This was an undergraduate skit by Freneau on his college mate Robert Archibald, of the Class of 1772.

Definition of Skit

(Ireland, Liverpudlian, Merseyside) To make fun of. | A short comic performance. | A jeer or sally; a brief satire.
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