Skulked In A Sentence

How To Use Skulked In A Sentence?

  • The old men lied and skulked and the young had to pull them out of the holes they got into.
  • What mystery lurked about this haunted, hideous house where death skulked in the dark?
  • He picked himself up, and skulked out of the compound, in the direction of the foaming river.
  • He was horribly afraid; he skulked in the jungle like a wary old fox in a trusty spinney.
  • He knew that the throne skulked behind the altar, and both behind a pretended revelation from God.
  • And Elijah, as one under the shadow of a raised whip, skulked from the patio and was gone.
  • He arose, skulked away, got his gun and knife, mounted his mustang, and left that part of Texas.
  • But he, or his followers, skulked about our place; and we were alarmed enough to provide ourselves with pistols.
  • Big wolf dogs skulked here and there, looking for bits of refuse, snapping and snarling ill-temperedly at each other.
  • The dog hid or skulked if he met any person, and his deep growls and twitching nose were so threatening that no one dared to go nearer.
  • Disguising himself he skulked in the woods and found shelter in the houses of friends, but tireless on his path were Harry and his scouts.
  • That had become the one purpose of my heart, for I realized here skulked the real danger, the deeper peril of our situation.
  • From the house of David, Joseph skulked down the terraces until he came to the two long buildings and entered the smaller of these.
  • She had surrendered to him willingly, and yet drew about her a protective armor of reserve wherein she skulked immune to the arms which were lawfully victorious.
  • Nor did she stop until the sun dipped behind the western hills and the speckled beauties went down into the depths of the stream, or skulked under the edge of its banks for the night.
  • Those bishops were a set of fellows as mischievous as they were cowardly; they would not come out and be killed, but they skulked in the desert, and hid in masquerade.
  • The fire duplicated their number with their shadows, and occasionally he eyed these semblances speculatively as they stretched on the sandy ground or skulked in the underbrush behind their unconscious principals.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Skulked | Skulked Sentence

  • You skulked the night of your first play.
  • I skulked in the darkest shadows like a criminal.
  • The doors skulked behind heavy plush hangings.
  • Gottlieb and I skulked in the rear.
  • Bring in that man that skulked when the boys were going for that abatis.
  • He was there under an assumed name, skulking, as he had skulked in the bush.
  • The vanquished Cock skulked away and hid himself in a quiet corner.
  • William, loaded down with the ladies' toilet articles, skulked in the rear.

Definition of Skulked

simple past tense and past participle of skulk
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