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How To Use Sky In A Sentence?

  • Through the spectral boughs of the sycamores the golden sky had faded to the colour of ashes.
  • The sky was melancholy and grey, and the park lay before her, hushed and soundless.
  • A wide sky arched over them, in which the stars were shining with a soft yet brilliant splendour.
  • By this time it was quite dark; the sky was starless, there was not a breath of air.
  • Shall I ever be worthy of the glorious sky overhead, or of the flowers at my feet?
  • The waves are washing over the old pier; not much wind, a wild, gloomy sky over the bay.
  • There, under the blue sky of Greece, was their home, and they ought to have remained there.
  • Since the last shower the clouds have dispersed, and here and there the dark-blue sky looks through with its diamond stars.
  • You could dash his spirits with a single word; you could raise them into the sky again with another one.
  • The lurid coppery glow had vanished, and the sky thickened and lowered until the darkness was as that of a late twilight.
  • And both the empty space and the ashen sky seemed to be not outside of himself, but a part of the hidden country within his mind.
  • A wild gloomy sky hung over their heads when they took leave of each other, and their surroundings of rank bushes and stony fields were dreary.
  • The cloud-mussed sky turned to a vague copper colour, and seemed to glow as the inside of a huge heated caldron.
  • The blue sky became overcast, and a strong tramontane, as the north wind is there called, was blowing.
  • The sky was turning slowly to flame-colour, and each dark pointed leaf of the magnolia tree stood out illuminated against a background of fire.
  • The weather was still calm and beautiful; the sky cloudless, and the sea shining in the sunlight, as calm as a lake.
  • Then came shining country, where the sky met the sun-bright slopes, and then a quiet sail at rest in the tiny harbor.
  • Hard and white the day-dews stood upon the windows; the sky was clear as light itself, and my soul sprang as into the arms of freedom.
  • The red roofs of whitewashed towns, and the tall shafts of white lighthouses emphasise the rich verdure between the silvery azure of sky and water.
  • She came up and stood looking at the sky above her, enjoying the feeling of the sunshine on her skin, and the soft, warm breeze that caressed her.
  • The sun had been blazing in a clear sky when he fell asleep; now the sky was covered with thick gray clouds, and night was close at hand.
  • The usual trade-wind clouds were absent, and the sun, still low in its climb to meridian, turned all the sky to heated brass.
  • Though shut up to a great extent, as we were, the weather made itself an entrance, blue sky swelled, and the glow of morning woke me before dawn.
  • And, rising hurriedly, he went forward, the big tears breaking over his cheeks, and sea and sky dancing together before his eyes.
  • It was the tail-end of the monsoon season, and the air was heavy and sticky with tropic moisture, the sky a florid, leaden muss of formless clouds.
  • One Star which shineth bright and clear From out the sky and comfort gives To soothe my sadness.
  • Through those noble columns I beheld the very same features of land and sky on which the sages, the orators, the artists of Greece had gazed.
  • We were just turning round the Seraglio Point, and even under the cold threatening sky that hung over the town, it was a glorious sight.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sky | Sky Sentence

  • The sky possessed everything.
  • Corinna gazed up at the blue sky and the sunlight.
  • Above was the sky of faintly luminous star-dust.
  • It was spring; the grass was green, the sky was blue.
  • As down from the sky by the breezes 'tis borne.
  • If an army had fallen from the sky they could not have been more astonished.
  • Suppose, as some folks say, the sky should fall! CLIN.
  • So we say the blue sky at night; but how different at night and by day!
  • The sky was heavy with clouds, and no sun could be seen behind them.
  • Above him, the sky was covered with little masses of quickly scudding clouds.
  • Through the waving boughs Gray could see a blue sky shining.
  • Where there's none but golden weather an' a sky that's always blue.

Definition of Sky

(sports) To hit, kick or throw (a ball) extremely high. | (sports) To clear (a hurdle, high jump bar, etc.) by a large margin. | (colloquial, dated) To hang (a picture on exhibition) near the top of a wall, where it cannot be well seen.
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