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  • The result is a skyline which is imposing.
  • The walled peaks cut off the skyline in mid-heaven.
  • The skyline trail, a book of western verse.
  • The crimson flush on the skyline merged into rose and magenta and mauve.
  • Her eyes went back to the long, low, undulating skyline of the downs.

How To Use Skyline In A Sentence?

  • In fact, the young man saw the two against the skyline and wondered who they were.
  • He knew that he loved to sit alone and look away to a far skyline and day-dream.
  • By now the sun has reached the skyline to the westward and the tops of the ice mountains are in gorgeous conflagration.
  • The others agreed with him, for they had seen that smear of smoke on the skyline since early morning.
  • She pointed with an extended arm to the skyline and gave cautions about land marks at a point where three roads met.
  • The tops of these trees form the skyline and the lower growth a margin of lawns, or perhaps of walks and drives.
  • I looked ahead to see the wonderful 10 skyline down toward the Battery with its galaxy of skyscrapers.
  • Fully a mile away, almost even with the skyline now, a small dark object was moving over the white surface of the snow.
  • Far away to the southward the dust of a Darfur caravan breaks the clear-cut skyline with a misty blur.
  • Even the stiff hawthorn fences bowed before its breath, and the tall poplars on the skyline bent like a rod beneath the first rush of a salmon.
  • Flora Schuyler understood him when, glancing round, she noticed the figure of a mounted man forced up against the skyline here and there.
  • He was one of the advance skirmishers, though the first scouts had already pushed on and vanished across the skyline into the virgin West.
  • We were dreamers, dreaming greatly, in the man-stifled town; We yearned beyond the skyline where the strange roads go down.
  • Further off again is craggy Ischia, while blue and infinitely vague upon the skyline one can see the mountains behind Gaeta.
  • They stood on a skyline and fired a few rounds at us, but the range was extreme, and only three of us managed to collect any lead and they were all very slightly wounded.
  • Towards the north the ground was open and level and treeless for a couple of miles; then it rose a little, and ended on the skyline with a biggish kopje to the north west.
  • She did not answer, gazing over her clasped hands at the water, across whose level the spires and chimneys of the city bristled like the skyline of a forest.
  • She nodded to where against the skyline a string of tall, thin-legged black creatures, each with a blob of jockey on his back, paraded solemnly against the sky.
  • To north and south and west lay a skyline which was unbroken save by the spout of foam when two of the great Atlantic seas dashed each other into spray.
  • Khaki figures stood out against the chalk and melted into the fields or the undergrowth, or came up to the skyline only to be swallowed into the earth probably by the German trench which they were entering.
  • Only once did I see them, far off upon the skyline of a mountain range which we had to climb, but by the time we had reached its crest they were gone.

Definition of Skyline

To outline something against the sky. | (earth sciences) The line at which the earth and sky meet. | The horizontal silhouette of a city or building against the sky.
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