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How To Use Skyscrapers In A Sentence?

  • One of the best views of the city, its skyscrapers and the Bay is obtained from the hill.
  • Here and there through the billows of mist could be seen the roofs of skyscrapers glistening in the sun.
  • Every building was either partly or wholly wrecked, roofs and cornices falling from skyscrapers on lower houses, crushing and burying the inmates.
  • Followed rides on the Subway and Elevated, a viewing of skyscrapers and such innocent and exhilarating delights.
  • Men overworked to the breaking point and women unnerved by hysteria dropped down on the cooling ashes and slept where they lay, for had they not seen the tall steel skyscrapers burn like a torch?

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Definition of Skyscrapers

plural of skyscraper
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