Slabs In A Sentence

Definition of Slabs

plural of slab

How To Use Slabs In A Sentence?

  • But a small number of these slabs were collected on account of their great weight.
  • Tracery in which the spaces between the bars are neither closed by slabs of stone nor glazed.
  • I watched him letting himself over the end of the huge slabs until he passed out of my sight.
  • They are sawed into slabs so thin that fifty of them piled up would measure only an inch.
  • Several slabs were now procured and laid across the roof beams to serve as rafters.
  • The skeleton of an adult lay flexed along the slabs with the head to the north.
  • We then climbed out of the gill on the left, up some interesting slabs of rock.
  • He is of the opinion that both slabs and bowlders were in many cases carried long distances.
  • The floor has been leveled and a close pavement of large slabs laid over the muddy portions.
  • In houses of a better sort the floor was made of stone slabs fitted smoothly together.
  • A roof of slabs was nailed on, and then we were ready to cover our slab house with dirt.
  • These 2-inch square rails were fastened together with slabs nailed on at frequent intervals.
  • Above the basket-shaped racks porcelain slabs bore the names of the horses in black letters.
  • The walls consist of thin slabs of stone set upright and roughly plastered where they meet.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Slabs | Slabs Sentence

  • There were no slabs or floor below the skeleton.
  • The roofs are slabs of stone.
  • Four wide slabs of wood had been cut.
  • At last his task of carrying slabs was finished.
  • Marble slabs veined with words in meandering lines.
  • Then slabs were nailed across it to form the two bunks.
  • Slate slabs assist to keep baskets and fruit cool.
  • Three blue slabs covered and marked their resting-place.
  • He stood upon a number of thin slabs of wood.
  • The windows shone amid the darkness like slabs of flame.
  • Buried Hansen under slabs of ice.
  • The only paintings are in imitation of slabs of marble on the walls.
  • His stable was built of slabs and banked and covered with straw.
  • Beside one of the most worn and defaced of these slabs the cavaliere stopped.
  • Sometimes two or three such slabs were found parallel or overlapping.
  • The sides were now boarded up with upright slabs nailed to the stringpieces.
  • There was a door now made of great rough hewn slabs of wood.
  • Partitions separated bathtubs set up on higher concrete slabs in each stall.
  • The light on the floor showed close fitting slabs of the same material.
  • And slabs of coarse meat might have been flesh of the last dinosaurs!
  • The pavement is composed of slabs of fine and various coloured marbles.
  • He counted again, and only reached a total of eighteen slabs of stone.
  • Great slabs of ferro-concrete walls loomed grey amidst the chaos.
  • The gable ends are generally broad slabs and rounded off to the ridge pole.
  • In the foothills and mountains, bark slabs and tree limbs were utilized.
  • It is possible to obtain large pieces, and to make beautiful slabs of them.

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