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How To Use Slang In A Sentence?

  • Here now is a bit of slang which may fairly be warranted to keep fresh in any climate.
  • Patricia did smile, not so much at the slang as at the friendly spirit which prompted it.
  • This is one reason that the slang of a small number of people spreads and becomes general.
  • I'm using your own slang in speaking to you because you wouldn't comprehend decent language.
  • Although plain in manner, he was a thorough gentleman, devoid of slang and equivocation.
  • These words presently either disappear or else retain a permanent place, being slang no longer.
  • Among all these wanderers there is a current slang of the roads, as in England.
  • But no: both were gold, and heavy: a red clock and slang if ever there was one.
  • In certain English circles slang is talked: therefore women have become coarse and vulgar.
  • To speak of a "person of a certain calibre" in French is very bad slang indeed.
  • Two things he dearly loved to acquire: a bit of American slang and a bit of English silver.
  • And Rom was the general slang of the road, and it came from the Roms or Trablus.
  • The difference is that there are already words to describe the things which the slang words describe.
  • One common form of slang is the use of expressions connected with sport as metaphors in speaking of other things.
  • A writer on the subject of slang has given us two good examples of meaningless and expressive slang.
  • Another form of slang is to combine a word which generally expresses unpleasant with one which expresses pleasant ideas.
  • The modern slang of great towns is of course quite a different thing from the ancient dialect of a rural population.
  • Its slang speaks for itself, and certainly carries along with it an undeniable "certificate of origin".
  • It is very interesting to find that many of our most respectable words borrowed from Latin have a slang origin.
  • The chief value of slang to the people who use it is that at first, at any rate, it is only understood by the inventors and their friends.
  • The invention of pointless slang phrases without real suggestion or merit is one of our most familiar forms of factory-made humour.
  • On the other hand, words which belong to quite good and ordinary speech in their own languages often become slang when adopted into another.
  • I give it as he told it, omitting some coarse and rough expressions, and a good deal of slang which would be unintelligible to the general reader.
  • Sometimes these words were slang in Latin itself; sometimes they were used as slang only after they passed into English.
  • If you propose to slang Guy, as you seem fond of slanging me, you ought to have a pot of money to make it worth his while.
  • Besides the fact that slang often becomes good English, we have to notice that good English often becomes slang.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Slang | Slang Sentence

  • This kind of slang is the worst kind of all.
  • But other slang is made up of descriptive phrases.
  • The making of slang is really the making of language.
  • You shall go halves in my slang match to-morrow.
  • Någon släng av hans energi har jag väl fått.
  • This slang extends even into Persia.
  • I am sick of the slang of the Rialto and the greenroom.
  • Even then I left them sober enough to slang each other.
  • He had all the latest slang of a Bond Street Nut.
  • Other words besides those used as slang have been constantly getting new uses.
  • A very common form of slang is what are called "clipped" words.
  • But, as a rule, slang is ugly or meaningless, and it is very often vulgar.
  • I believe you are trying to stuff me, as our American slang puts it.
  • But there are others," she added, with a smile at the slang phrase.

Definition of Slang

(transitive, African American Vernacular, MLE) To sell (especially illegal drugs). | (Britain, obsolete) A fetter worn on the leg by a convict. | (Britain, obsolete, slang) A counterfeit weight or measure.
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