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  • Almost the first Northern men whom the slaveholder has learned to respect!
  • American Indian as slaveholder and secessionist (Cleveland, 1915).
  • But to the old slaveholder I had left, I said, "Ah! ha!
  • He was one of us--a slaveholder and a planter.

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  • He really pitied her, if a slaveholder ever can pity a slave, and yet he reproached her severely.
  • A slaveholder is under no obligation to emancipate his slave, provided the condition of the slave is made worse thereby.
  • Agriculture on an extensive scale, on large plantations, is the only one that the slaveholder finds to repay him.
  • But in the old south baby commenced its life as a slaveholder with a nurse that it learned to command by inarticulate cries and signs before it could talk.
  • Before we had gone far towards the jail, a slaveholder drew a pistol on Williams Hopkins, one of our party.
  • The rights of the slaveholder over the human labourer left as little margin of freedom to daily toil as the right of the imperial autocrat to the freedom of conscience in the rich.
  • It thus appears that the average number of slaves we assign to each slaveholder is probably far below the truth; but we purposely avoid even the approach to exaggeration.
  • Not one seems to appreciate that the slaveholder who, after its publication, loses his human chattels by the hap of war, has only himself to thank for his loss.
  • So completely roused were my feelings, that I vowed to let no slaveholder take back a fugitive, if I could but get my eye on him.
  • Nor will any slaveholder admit, for a moment, that Providence has scattered his gifts with a more sparing hand at the South than at the North.

Definition of Slaveholder

Someone who owns slaves.
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