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  • Now to slay and slay.
  • That in his uncle he might slay his sire.
  • He told his people to slay the cleric.
  • I will slay her maugre thy head.
  • And they slay the ram, and dress and eat it.
  • What man with a mere dagger could slay a lion?
  • Suppose I should slay him!
  • To traine one foorth, and slay him privily.
  • And if thou canst slay me, quit be thou for ever.
  • These are gods That slay the suitors.
  • For such I know thee; slay me, nought is lost!
  • Now will I slay thee, said Arthur.
  • And therewithal he unlaced his helm like as he would slay him.
  • For whatsomever ye say he will slay me, for he is without mercy.
  • O madam, said the damosel, an ye slay my lord ye can never escape.
  • I found thee as I would, and stood at the bole of the tree to slay him.
  • Chase far away, the robbers, chase, Slay those barbarians black and base.
  • I in my Master still, Even though He slay me.
  • Sir knight, said Sir Gawaine, alight on foot, or else I will slay thy horse.
  • Or slay me, and in slaying take from me Even a dead man's feeble memory.

How To Use Slay In A Sentence?

  • He had said he would slay any one who touched Sheen, and they were of opinion that he would do it.
  • Also let call King Pellinore, for he must bring again the lady and the knight, or else slay him.
  • Now tell me, said Arthur, or I will slay thee, of what country art thou, and of what court?
  • Gold Harald will now slay Harald Grey-cloak and thereafter take himself a kingdom in Norway.
  • Thus said he in my presence last winter that he would slay thee could he but find occasion to do so.
  • Nevertheless they shall suffer for their vanity, for their enemies shall find and slay many of them.
  • I saw him slay two knights at the passage of the water; and other deeds he did before right marvellous and through unhappiness.
  • During his absence the woman urged her lover, who was well armed, to meet and slay him in the darkness.
  • This monster had so affrighted the neighbourhood that the hand of the Princess had been offered to anyone who would slay it.
  • And or he had ridden half a mile he returned again, and thought then to slay them both, making the greatest sorrow that ever man made.
  • Her tragic attitude, her wondrous beauty, awed the men, and they lowered the guns that had been raised to slay the father.
  • Alas, she said, that ever such a knave should by mishap slay so good a knight as thou hast done, but all this is thine unhappiness.
  • It would bring thee the greatest ill-chance shouldst thou slay thy kinsman, for in such case all men would deem him blameless.
  • We have, besides this, the acknowledged fact that, where other sins slay their thousands, drunkenness slays its hundreds of thousands of all ages.
  • But I am no more going to slay my private life and interests at the altar of politics than my father did when he was in Parliament.
  • His son Isaac is bound, and laid upon the altar; the father stretches forth his hand to take the knife and slay him.
  • When the Koriaks slay a bear or wolf, they dress one of their people in his skin, and dance round him, chanting excuses.
  • I failed to reach the Caves that other time because I had no witnesses to swear they had seen me slay a man in the teeth of written law.
  • O lord, he said, help me, for here by in a slade are six thieves that have taken my lord and bound him, so I am afeard lest they will slay him.
  • When God has so ordained, think ye not that at this auspicious moment it is the duty of every good son of India to slay these white enemies?

Definition of Slay

(now literary) To kill, murder. | (literary) To eradicate or stamp out. | (by extension, hyperbolic, colloquial) To defeat, overcome (in a competition or contest).
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