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  • Thy wounds are slaying me.
  • He had begun life by slaying every doubt.
  • Already he had gone within an ace of slaying a small boy.
  • What should I do with slaying any more?
  • Trembled with fear of slaying Polybus.
  • Mrs. Talcott was slaying slugs.
  • What is the metaphysical being who prevents me from slaying myself?
  • The centre of the solemnity was the slaying and eating of the paschal lamb.
  • Even now it still went on, slaying those who were half slain.
  • Molly could not think that it would have led to the slaying of Amilcare.
  • I fear I acted somewhat too hastily in slaying Michael the guardsman.
  • C. BUTLER, Jason slaying Bulls of Aetos.
  • Or slay me, and in slaying take from me Even a dead man's feeble memory.

How To Use Slaying In A Sentence?

  • So the king sent and brought them back, and questioned them as to the slaying of the demon.
  • All three swore that the first man came from slaying an unbeliever in the teeth of written law.
  • The sorceress vows vengeance against Madhava for slaying her preceptor Aghorghanta.
  • Then the king and the queen were greatly displeased with Sir Gawaine for the slaying of the lady.
  • David slaying the lion; and finally Nehemiah at the building of the walls of Jerusalem.
  • I suppose by this time they're at their old game of plundering and slaying on the frontier.
  • In his desperation he would not have hesitated at slaying her, if by that deed he could have effected his escape.
  • At the same time, one totem-kindred has no scruple about slaying or eating the totem of any other kindred.
  • It says nothing in blank verse about the holiness of slaying a tyrant, but it is a step in the right direction.
  • He has in his paper advocated the slaying of rulers; he is therefore a potential, if not an actual, assassin.
  • Then to see himself squatting slothfully on his mat, while he was believed to be engaged in slaying lions, filled him with shame.
  • They were angry, but there was something in the bold face of Papeiha that kept them from slaying him.
  • We succeeded in slaying many hundreds, but their hosts were not perceptibly weakened, nor was their natural force abated.
  • If women get at the secret, the whole race must be exterminated, men going mad and slaying each other.
  • Then did he make safe all the road to the Jordan, slaying robbers and other disturbers of the peace.
  • Setting fire to a neighbouring wood with the firebrands he seared the throat of the Hydra until he at length succeeded in slaying it.
  • What our captors would have done with us all if they had not prepared homes for us by slaying the Armenians it is hard to imagine.
  • Was the slaying of Abel the result simply of jealousy or a sudden fit of anger or of a gradual deterioration of character?
  • At length, despite its fiery breath, he succeeded in slaying the dragon, and cut out its tongue as a trophy.
  • The boy just then cared for nothing so much as hunting, so he and Fourie sat and discussed game and the slaying thereof.
  • Chilperic, not daring to offend the church by slaying the fugitive queen under its protection, sent her to Rouen.
  • The lancers had recovered themselves and were slaying the fugitives, while the Mexican cannon also hailed shot and shell upon them.
  • It is your own default, said the lady, for ye have done a passing foul deed in the slaying of the lady, the which will be great villainy unto you.
  • The sun, when beaten, cried out and revealed his great name, exactly as Indra did in his terror and flight after slaying the serpent.
  • After slaying him, he so lost self-possession that in his flight he behaved like Odin when he flew off in terror with the head of Suttung.
  • A few minutes later the invaders were spreading through the ship, hunting down and ruthlessly slaying the marines whom they outnumbered three to one.
  • What a waste of ingenuity Master Potts displays in this recapitulation, where he is merely slaying the slain, and where his wisdom was not needed.

Definition of Slaying

present participle of slay | Killing, especially murder of a human.
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