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  • She was greater than he that slays a lion or takes a city!
  • Rustum slays me, and this filial heart.
  • He slays the snakes....
  • Rama, by command of Viswamitra slays her.
  • He also overtakes Salm in flight, and slays him.
  • This animal slays itself because it fears fire more than death.
  • Siegfried slays the monster, and laughs over the ease of the task.
  • Rama, after some hesitation about killing a female, slays her.
  • To ward him secretly From the arrow that slays askance?
  • As a spring sun god he slays demons; as a lunar god he brings fertility.
  • Better is he," he continued, "who takes a city than he who slays women!
  • The harlot mother, the hierodule mother slays her son, 16. ...
  • Uncas, captures and slays Miantonomoh, 233; policy, 240, 302.
  • Warrior, Daghrefn, slays Hygelac, and is slain by Beowulf, 35.

How To Use Slays In A Sentence?

  • One slays the other in a frenzy of jealous rage, the other commits suicide in remorse.
  • Arthur slays the beast and fells the forest, and the old order changes to give place to new.
  • He attributes the disease to the evil spirit, acts accordingly, and slays the victim.
  • And here he builds a nebula, and there he slays a sun And works his own fierce pleasure.
  • We cannot, cannot check The Power who slays and puts aside the beauty that has been.
  • If work slays thousands of American women, American worry slays her tens of thousands.
  • He best deserves a knightly crest, Who slays the evils that infest His soul within.
  • One slays the wine-drunken Trojans, prolonging their dreams To death, which ends all.
  • Some beast that slays men with his teeth shall escape, for by that His value to men is enhanced!
  • With this magic weapon he slays the mother monster, whose poisonous blood afterwards melts the "damasked blade".
  • Adolar slays the monster, and then, seized with sudden pity, he abandons his intention of killing her, but leaves her to her fate.
  • We have, besides this, the acknowledged fact that, where other sins slay their thousands, drunkenness slays its hundreds of thousands of all ages.
  • The hero of an Egyptian folk tale slays a "deathless snake" by cutting it in two parts and putting sand between the parts.
  • He who loses sight of this truth slays that deep conscience of civilisation which is meant to goad us unceasingly on to allay this fury of war.
  • In its neighborhood are the royal game preserves, in which fratricidal V. E. hunts and slays the wild boar.
  • The thief robs himself; the adulterer pollutes himself; and the murderer inflicts a deeper wound upon himself than that which slays his victim.
  • It slays the old Adam, and makes us entirely new men in our heart, mind, ideas, and all our powers.
  • In another passage God, with his great sword, punishes the leviathan, the swift and winding serpent, and slays the great dragon in the sea.
  • Justice does not pursue the man who slays his fellow in a quarrel; but if it grasps the stealer of a purse on the prairie or of a horse from the herd, his last day has come.
  • So the Eye takes the form of Hathor, suddenly falls upon men, and slays them right and left with great strokes of the knife.
  • Your warfare is far more inhuman than ours; slays its tens of thousands to our thousands; starves your children, debauches your women in a way that is unknown with us.
  • Fighting as a common soldier, under an agreement that he shall hold all he wins, he slays the Spanish usurper in battle and at once demands the crown.

Definition of Slays

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of slay
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