Sledding In A Sentence

How To Use Sledding In A Sentence?

  • If we take all the hard sledding ov this life, and make it four times az mutch, it wont amount tew the affliktions that men pile on to each other.
  • Sammy and the two smallest Corner House girls moved up the woods path which the other sledding party had found and followed.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sledding | Sledding Sentence

  • That meant hard sledding for a while.
  • The sledding was good on the tote-road.
  • It's hard sledding to keep up.
  • That's hard sledding for her beautiful intelligence.
  • He had quietly reached the door, and once outside the sledding was excellent.

Definition of Sledding

present participle of sled | The act of sliding downhill, or transporting something, on a sled.
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