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Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sleep In | Sleep In Sentence

  • I can sleep in this chair.
  • Goes to sleep in house.
  • Stephen did not sleep in the hot night.
  • We could sleep in the blanket.
  • I could not sleep in that room.
  • Did ye sleep in the woods?
  • Did it not sleep in the flint at his feet?
  • They sleep in their own bed together.
  • It is uncomfortable to sleep in a chair.
  • And to sleep in the corner of a shed?
  • I want to sleep in your room with you.
  • We used to sleep in the same room.
  • But you may sleep in peace.
  • No servants were to sleep in the house.
  • Nay, do you sleep in peace.
  • I could always sleep in the end.
  • From her sleep in the woods and the stubble corn?
  • He had gone to sleep in a place of terror.
  • I sleep in a small room over the shed.
  • He then lay down to rest and sleep in a wood.
  • To lie and sleep in roses still.
  • Maurice had collapsed into a dead sleep in the snow.
  • Six men sleep in one tent.
  • I will not sleep in the castle to-night.
  • No woman was allowed to sleep in the house.
  • He has to sleep in many a different bed.
  • People do nothing but sleep in this woebegone hole!
  • He is to sleep in the front hall bedroom.
  • We are going to sleep in the summer-hut.
  • It would not be possible to sleep in that room again.
  • You must certainly have gone to sleep in your village?
  • Where go sleep in the dark wood or dell?
  • The giant lay down to sleep in the middle of the cave.
  • Heavens! who could sleep in this weather?
  • Never sleep in the same place two nights going!

How To Use Sleep In In A Sentence?

  • I always sleep in a tent in the summer time.
  • But not even the dead are permitted to sleep in peace.
  • Could live thing sleep in such a mortal cold?
  • There is rarely a night when one cannot sleep in comfort.
  • I shall never be able to sleep in a bed again.

Definition of Sleep In

(intransitive, idiomatic) To sleep late; to go on sleeping past one's customary or planned hour.
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