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How To Use Sleep Over In A Sentence?

  • There seemed to be no reason why both of us should lose sleep over the same cause.
  • So did the murderer, who more than once, however, seemed to be dropping to sleep over his food.
  • The Colonel had gone to sleep over the history of Napoleon, without putting out the candle.
  • She was good at cutting the leaves of a new book, but still better at going to sleep over them when cut.
  • One cannot go to sleep over a style like that, for besides the obvious sincerity and rush of warm feeling, the vividness of the figures is like that of poetry.
  • No animal has been yet discovered, whose existence is not varied with intervals of insensibility; and some late philosophers have extended the empire of sleep over the vegetable world.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sleep Over | Sleep Over Sentence

  • One does not go to sleep over the book.
  • We lose a lot of sleep over the blueskin!
  • We lose a lot of sleep over the blueskins!
  • Warsaw knew no sleep over that week end.
  • He would sleep over it, of course.
  • She eats so much that she goes to sleep over her work.
  • Burgess don't seem to be losing sleep over the tricks he's turned.
  • Anyway, Trudy came running to me, but I never lost sleep over the rumour.
  • It is what I intend to do; but can't we sleep over it first?

Definition of Sleep Over

To spend the night as a guest in someone's home.
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