Sleepier In A Sentence

Definition of Sleepier

comparative form of sleepy: more sleepy

How To Use Sleepier In A Sentence?

  • Yes, he had been getting sleepier and sleepier; all his life he had been trying to sleep, and at last he slept.
  • So it's nice to feel sleepy and kind o' hang your head down, and get sleepier and sleepier, and then find you're droppin' off.
  • For a moment he did not realize where he was, staring thus into the blinding radiance; but memory is only a few seconds sleepier than its master, and shortly everything came back to him.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sleepier | Sleepier Sentence

  • The nap had left her sleepier than ever.
  • Night after night, for some weeks, he had been getting sleepier and sleepier.

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