Slighted In A Sentence

Definition of Slighted

simple past tense and past participle of slight

How To Use Slighted In A Sentence?

  • He slighted nothing; he bored into the lump as a worm into a nut, seeking for a kernel.
  • Again, as heretofore, he was thanked in the first moment of triumph, to be slighted at leisure.
  • This publication of her chosen in their mere outside which destiny makes is not to be slighted nor underprized.
  • Yet it is the hope of the authors that they have not, for that reason, slighted the significance of the story.
  • She admired him for his concentration, yet would she have been less than woman had she not felt slighted by it.
  • The junior high school especially aims to perform this function that is so slighted in the senior high school.
  • If a lady has forgotten an engagement, the gentleman she has thus slighted must pleasantly accept her apology.
  • As he was too great a man to be slighted by a prudent publican, mine host respectfully paused until he should deliver himself.
  • Mind and ear had been taxed to miss no word or intonation, for a slighted syllable might lose our cause.
  • Such an opportunity as this was too valuable, too important, to be slighted or set aside for anything else.
  • A people with growing variety of consumption is ever finding new and more profitable uses for slighted or neglected capacities of nature.
  • The guests showed their disappointment plainly, some confessing that they had slighted the evening prunes and rice in anticipation of this treat.
  • This was a distinction in no wise to be slighted by any subject under any circumstances, and certainly not by the duke of Hereward.
  • Again Sube had the empty feeling; but this time it was, no doubt, because he had slighted his breakfast.
  • And beware of provoking the indignation of slighted Love, who may make of thee a signal example of his vengeance.
  • Th' affairs of court were unto him well known; And yet meanwhile he slighted not his own.
  • A DINNER Time and chance are but a tide, Slighted love is sair to bide.
  • Cassandra consented and asked for the power of foretelling events, but when she received it, she slighted the god and refused to perform her promise.
  • He met with no sympathy from the slighted and jealous step-mother, who had destroyed the only link that bound them together, the name of her father.
  • What if the charming Chloe of the golden locks be shaken And slighted Lydia again glide through the open door?
  • But, for the first time since his wedding-day, Michael Gregoriev felt himself slighted for that woman he had so long despised.
  • And Eveley was suffering not only because her love had been slighted and her hospitality abused, but because everything she had undertaken had failed.
  • One elderly woman seemed to feel slighted that she had not received a letter; so going on board the whalers at anchor, she inquired if there was not one for her.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Slighted | Slighted Sentence

  • Now slighted by themselves.
  • You have slighted that enemy somehow.
  • No book has been more slighted and ignored.
  • Thirty-seven, thought myself slighted in company.
  • And so, not seven years old, The slighted Child ...
  • They should not be slighted or forgotten during such a period.
  • Scorn'd and slighted ...
  • The counsels of perfection are not to be slighted because our ground is small.
  • He could not help feeling slighted and irritated at the whole proceeding.
  • Indeed, we will feel slighted if you don't join us.
  • It was a sob half of the realization of slighted affection, half of shame.
  • He felt somehow that Ma would feel slighted if he didn't.
  • The slighted moments steal away, And then comes sorrow.
  • Robert Grant Burns grunted and reached for his slighted brain-child.
  • It was drudgery to Ellen Baily, but she never slighted it on that account.
  • Washington's probing, weighing mind slighted no phase of his fishery.
  • No more have fear Thou shalt be slighted by thy mother's will.

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