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  • I with a slight bow, she with a slighter curtsy.
  • The woods were new to that paler, slighter man.
  • He was a slighter man and lighter weight than I am.
  • On slighter reasons, Sosia, before now.
  • Never woman made a slighter physical appeal to man than she.
  • The second disturbance always comes from a slighter cause than the first one.
  • XXVII Dicky grew slighter and lanker, dark about the eyes, and weaker.

How To Use Slighter In A Sentence?

  • Mine was a milder and slighter experience, but its thrill was of the same kind.
  • It was necessary to select for the part an actor of a slighter and taller form.
  • Frere stood upright; a man slighter and taller than himself faced him about three feet away.
  • It was as though her mother and her mother's soul showed through the girl's slighter temperament.
  • The slighter variations in the state of the blood have equally sure, though less palpable effects.
  • The slighter man attacked furiously, shifting his ground, at first imprudently sure of his foe.
  • Harry was the taller but was slighter than Jack, and far less sturdy and strong.
  • The red Tatar came in, and with him another, of slighter stature and of dark complexion.
  • The writer seems to have wished to emulate Thucydides, and the far slighter work of Lysias.
  • It reared and plunged and enveloped the slighter man in a crushing embrace and bore him over backward.
  • When he next woke, he felt at once that the motion was slighter than it had been and that the wind had greatly abated.
  • They will gradually do it on slighter and slighter occasions, until at last the rule will be disregarded entirely.
  • The young fellow was very much the weaker and slighter of the two, and was suffering great punishment.
  • Many were sorely wounded, so that they died when we lifted them from the boats; others had slighter hurts.
  • They had seen him when rage had mastered him and for slighter cause; it was not an experience that one would care to repeat.
  • The slighter variations in the state of the blood produce equally sure, though less palpable effects.
  • The slighter shocks are sometimes accompanied by a noise; at other times, they are merely perceptible by the motion of the earth.
  • They vary with the quality of the wood; and hard material was treated as needing a slighter solidity than wood of a softer nature.
  • He was passing on into a life making larger demands upon, him, a life in which their companionship must naturally become a slighter thing.
  • In form and features there was a resemblance between the sisters; May was the fairer and slighter of the two, and was often called the prettier.
  • In children, far slighter occasions suffice normally to call forth smiles, laughter, and tears, than in adults.
  • A slighter circumstance would have sufficed to confirm Mrs. Simpson's romantic fancies.
  • An idea prevails in some parts that the mowers and reapers of American make are slighter and more fragile than those of English construction.
  • Like Bonnard he uses greys of dry and mat colour, but his harmonies are slighter and of lighter tonality than those of Bonnard.
  • Dinner was noiselessly and perfectly served by the butler who had first appeared, and a slighter and smaller edition of himself who brought him the dishes.
  • That again is a wonderful exercise in virtuosity; but a score of his slighter sketches seem to me infinitely nearer to the truth and vitality of great art.
  • He was already tormenting himself, and her too in a slighter degree, by apprehensions and imaginations of what might befall her during his approaching absence at sea.
  • A bird of slighter build, but similar coloration to the Knot; smaller (length eight inches) and with a slightly decurved bill.
  • A slighter change has also taken place in favour of half-mourning colours, which are now more worn than black and white during the half-mourning period.
  • In general, it is to be understood, that the slighter causes affect only the predisposed, and those in particular who are subject to other diseases of the urinary organs or urine.
  • To counteract these slighter variations, these abnormalities which have not yet reached the degree of disease, will demand the same principles of treatment, only in a weaker form.
  • A somewhat similar relation appertains between those manufactures engaged in producing the main body of any product and the minor industries, which supply some slighter and essentially subsidiary part.
  • Another method was to use the single slighter bar for the foundation of the design, and welding on other volutes of similar thickness to make the scroll work associated with wrought iron.

Definition of Slighter

comparative form of slight: more slight | One who slights.
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