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  • Charlie shrugged his slim shoulders.
  • It seems to me you are about as slim as you want to be.
  • His slim shoulders lifted with seeming indifference.
  • Nancy was twenty-five, slim and graceful.
  • He knew her at a glance, this slim girl in spotless white.
  • Mr. Rolston was short, slim and well proportioned.
  • Mary Stewart put a hand over her cold, slim fingers.
  • She was a slim young thing, in a short Lincoln-green habit.
  • Bud and Bill third, and Sam and Slim fourth.
  • He did not take his eyes from the picture of the slim figure on her knees.
  • I am here," and he embraces her slim waist.
  • She wasn't very tall yet her build was slim and firm.
  • She sprang to her feet, her little figure looking slim and girlish.
  • Philippa, slim and elflike in the firelight, rose from her chair.
  • She was easy to dress, being tall, slim and remarkably pretty.
  • You would drink very deep, you thought, of your little slim cup of death.
  • Rhoda's slim fingers clasp her pearl locket, which has come out again.
  • He was our long slim apprentice in my brother's printing-office in Hannibal.

How To Use Slim In A Sentence?

  • In a moment it dropped to the slim waist about which her arm was quickly placed.
  • There was a strange glimmer behind the gate against which the slim white figure was pushing.
  • She had put on one of the dresses which made her look specially slim and soft and childlike.
  • Anne faced a storm of disapproval, but she stood there slim and defiant, and stated her reasons.
  • Her voice showed traces of extreme anxiety, and the slim hand upon my arm trembled.
  • And he's kind of slim and retirin', and not so unhandy to have round as some men would be.
  • John Wesley firmly lifted her slim fingers from his hand and as firmly deposited them in her lap.
  • A slim girl, in black silk, is hurrying along from the wide door leading from the Palace Green.
  • No, that slim figure, that neat waist, that military air did not belong to Roderick Vawdrey.
  • The novelty of her presence on the ranch was still fresh enough to fill his thoughts with her slim attractiveness.
  • His arm was about her; her head nestled securely against his shoulder and her slim hands were willing prisoners in one of his.
  • The steely light poured down upon the slim back of the fugitive, and left both horse and rider sharply outlined.
  • He was at his best when describing his most successful corset fitter, a damsel blessed apparently both with a slim waist and a strong arm.
  • However, with the appearance of the pheasants the door from the drawing-room opened, and a slim dark-haired man slipped in.
  • Course he's slim yet, but it's the kind of slim like rawhide that you could hobble a elephant with.
  • She leans against the iron trellis-work, and one slim white hand sweeps back the sunny hair that is playing about her temple.
  • The boy, a slim lad of sixteen or thereabout, flushed beneath the battered brim of his black felt hat.
  • She was slim and had a pretty figure, but was entirely without Edith's charm or beauty.
  • A slim little fellow, with dreamy, hazel eyes set in a pale spiritual face, and what wonderful hair.
  • The maiden answered, 'There below dance slim damsels, and look up smilingly at me!
  • The prince, a tall, slim young man, about twenty-five years of age, has weak but not unpleasing features.
  • I figured, though, that when I had passed beyond the zone of this gracious hospitality there would be slim pickings.

Definition of Slim

Slender, thin. | (of something abstract like a chance or margin) Very small, tiny. | (rural, Northern England, Scotland) Bad, of questionable quality; not strongly built, flimsy.
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