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  • He was as slim as a sapling, the slimness of muscle and health.

How To Use Slimness In A Sentence?

  • She wore a large flowery hat, which accentuated the graceful slimness of her form.
  • Ben stood tall for his age, his slimness toughened by farm and other work to wiry flexibility.
  • Helplessly she threw out the palms of her hands and the unexpected gesture displayed an amazing slimness and whiteness of wrist.
  • There had been other boys there, bigger boys, but he had offered, and had been saved humiliation by her girlish slimness and feather weight.
  • The hand tried to wrench itself free, but not before I had felt the slimness of the fingers, the rings upon them, and the softness of the palm.
  • Her gentle, faded face and extreme slimness gave her a grace of demeanor which Lady Lysle was quick to acknowledge.
  • My shoulders were sufficiently broad to hold it nicely in place and it fell with a gracefulness upon my hips, but at my waist it collapsed on account of a slimness in that locality.
  • She was not above the middle stature of women, but her slimness and erectness, and the kind of costume she wore made her seem tall as she stood in this low-ceiled room.
  • The massive bulk, which had replaced the slimness of his youth, and his splendidly developed forehead made him there, as everywhere, a majestic figure.
  • What struck me very much was the apparent slimness of the trestle-bridges over which we were carried across the gullies, in the bottom of which mountain torrents were dashing, some fifty or a hundred feet below us.
  • Yet something of the slimness and firm elasticity of youth still dwelt there, even as youth still shone in the smooth unwrinkled oval of her face and sparkled in the depths of her dark eyes.

Definition of Slimness

(uncountable) The property of being slim. | (countable) The result or product of being slim.
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