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  • They slipped through.
  • They slipped from her fingers.
  • He slipped from his horse and stood before her.
  • He slipped his hand under the neck.
  • The man slipped and went flat.
  • She quietly slipped behind the shelter of a pillar.
  • But she slipped on an extra diamond ring or two.
  • So when occasion offered I slipped it out of his hand.
  • Before we could get at him he had slipped it over the other and was free.
  • Lessingham slipped very easily into the pleasant little circle.
  • And she slipped on her knees and burst into a passionate fit of weeping.
  • He slipped on the ice the very next year and sprained his ankle.
  • I picked one up while father slipped the bar of his under his cap band.
  • When they were fairly gone, the poor boy slipped from his hiding-place.
  • She slipped to her knees; not to pray, but simply to remember her mother.
  • Pinkey leaned down, unbuckled the throat-latch, and slipped off the bridle.
  • Sir Henry slipped off his dripping overalls and handed them over.
  • She slipped away to the telephone and called up the Carmichael house.
  • Mrs. Stiles had slipped or been thrown down on the muddy car-track.
  • Granted he might have slipped past us somehow, and gone for the Squire.
  • When the controversy was settled Miss Alice slipped off to gild the lily.
  • He slipped through a deep ravine and came out on the enemy's rear.

How To Use Slipped In A Sentence?

  • Alice slipped down again to her companions below, but her daughter remained in the chamber.
  • Thus, for example, he had slipped into his mantle before he even thought of his vest.
  • One hour slipped by and then another, and still I did not abandon hope of their appearance.
  • She stood up, and the heavy fur coat slipped easily away from her slim, elegant little body.
  • He seemed about to move; but the blonde girl he had called Janet slipped between him and the gun.
  • Every time Jim slipped I had a hope; but always on he crept and disappointed it.
  • I kept it, however, in my hand, but I slipped in getting back into the road, and dropped it.
  • Canby slipped the loop under his arm and, as he took his feet from the stirrups, shouted for them to tighten up.
  • The lovers had little to say to each other, as the canoe slipped back down the whispering river under that gibbous moon.
  • She tried to brush the tears away with her fingers; but one or two slipped past and dropped on her dress.
  • In another moment she had slipped back into her weary lymphatic nature, at once prematurely old and extravagantly childish.
  • The stone door yielded before him; he dropped what was left of the candle, and slipped through the opening into broad daylight.
  • I slipped the verses, trembling and blushing, into her hand the next Sunday as she came out of church.
  • I tried to ride my horse down the bank, and he slipped and fell with me, and I do not remember much after that.
  • While he was getting the checks out another paper, loosely folded and yellow with age, slipped from the wallet, falling to the hearth.
  • Startled, I slipped into a thicket of scrub-oaks, and, from their friendly shelter, made a cautious reconnoissance.
  • The talk hung on the charms of Artemis Lodge, and then slipped to the changes which had come into each of their lives since their last meeting.
  • When the priest had finished his office we slipped out before any one else moved, and reached the shelter of the woods again without encountering any other person.

Definition of Slipped

(heraldry, of a plant) With part of the stalk displayed. | simple past tense and past participle of slip
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