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  • For slipperiness and general hazards this road baffles description.

How To Use Slipperiness In A Sentence?

  • For, the Englishman has accurate perceptions; takes hold of things by the right end, and there is no slipperiness in his grasp.
  • Owing to the slipperiness of the pavement, they lost their balance a little; it seemed to him as if they were both rocked by the wind in the midst of a cloud.
  • As I alighted from the train, I had almost come to the ground through the slipperiness of the platform, which was coated with ice.
  • Grasping the rope with both hands, he kept the knot from growing tighter; then sliding through the noose with the slipperiness of an eel, he dropped to the ground.

Definition of Slipperiness

(uncountable) The property of being slippery. | (countable) The result or product of being slippery.
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