Sloppy In A Sentence

Definition of Sloppy

Very wet; covered in or composed of slop. | Messy; not neat, elegant, or careful. | Imprecise or loose.

How To Use Sloppy In A Sentence?

  • He was just the opposite to those geniuses whose great brain shows itself by a sloppy exterior.
  • The streets of Lowestoft were sloppy and half-deserted as we drove through them.
  • The rain passed ere day; it was but a sloppy morning as we came into the town of Delft.
  • The bran should only be damped sufficiently to make it stick together, and should not be sloppy and wet.
  • The shore was hidden and there was nothing visible beyond the stretch of sloppy flat that vanished into the mist.
  • It may be due to feeding too great a quantity of soft feed or to giving soft feed in too sloppy a condition.
  • It should not be saturated so as to turn it into a sloppy paste, but just damped sufficiently to make the particles stick together.
  • The yards should be cleaned whenever they need it, that is, whenever they begin to get sloppy or sticky.
  • What had looked like open water when he went below, was now a waste of sloppy sand that ran back as far as he could see.
  • He was insensible of the raw February air, heedless of sloppy pavements, the gray day had suddenly turned gold.
  • Then he took a deep breath and slowly moved toward the open door of Sloppy Sam's.
  • This may be due to a cold causing a discharge from the eyes or may be due to the use of too sloppy feed which adheres to the eyes and causes an irritation.
  • For a few moments the battering hoofs churned up the sloppy trail and the wagon groaned and shook, the horses floundering and slipping without moving it.
  • We got her out of her faintness presently and found her a safety valve in pitying her poor children with that sloppy sort of maternal affection which is not inconsistent with a good deal of neglect.
  • Nancy and Caroline finished their sloppy ices at the table together while Dick and Billy sought the solace of a pipe in the garage outside.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sloppy | Sloppy Sentence

  • Ship all sloppy with the waves?
  • It should never be fed in a sloppy condition.
  • The soft weather continued and made sloppy travel.
  • A big, sloppy type in a black coat and a tarboosh.
  • We were now beginning to be in the sloppy rather than the deluged stage.
  • After wringing my sloppy underclothing, getting it on was far from pleasant.
  • And he put Dandy through these performances on the sloppy counter.
  • He would not look at, much less speak to, such a sloppy stripling as you.
  • She begged, this blind girl, standing with rent shoes in the sloppy mud.
  • That is sloppy with rain;" replied Mark.

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