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  • Habakkuk stepped in with his slouching gait.
  • Beulah heard him slouching away.
  • Just then a fox came slouching by.
  • What is a slouching gait due to?
  • In lazy walk or slouching trot.
  • They were riding carelessly, slouching in their saddles.
  • The working-man with the slouching gait caught the words.
  • Carey, slouching at hand, awaited orders.
  • Then, with a slouching step, she moved more rapidly away.
  • He was a slouching dog, was the Rogue.
  • I keep them to look at and for the occasional amendment of slouching manners.
  • Even in his slouching posture he was well over six feet two inches.
  • His very figure had lost its elasticity, and become slouching and cowering.
  • He was a loose-limbed, swarthy, slouching giant with a hangdog look.
  • Ten-Gallon slued in his saddle, slouching over confidentially.
  • A messenger boy, slouching by, heard me and drew up, hopeful of some fun.

How To Use Slouching In A Sentence?

  • He walked over to a shabby-looking chap who was slouching around with his hands in his pockets.
  • She saw the slouching figure of the cook suddenly stiffen to his full stalwart height.
  • A few moments later there issued a strange and shabbily dressed figure, with a slouching walk.
  • A blear-eyed man, slouching on a stoop, looked up in faint curiosity as she addressed him.
  • Nita snarled, slouching down upon the camp stool beside her trunk, to remove her make-up.
  • A correspondent tells us that the Anzacs came down the hillside with steady, slouching gait.
  • Hicks, slouching against the front of the Grub Stake, came to sudden attention.
  • Then they told her about the white handkerchief which the slouching poacher had seen in the wood that morning.
  • Hal did not catch the words that followed, for the door of the office opened and a slouching figure entered.
  • There was no mistaking that short, slouching body with the peddler's pack strapped on its back.
  • There was a pause, then came the young man's heavy footsteps slouching back to his wagon.
  • Toby let her walk alone, and lighted a cigarette, slouching beside her with his hands in the pockets of his jacket.
  • They left her standing in the doorway in her finery, with the sullen, black-browed bravo slouching beside her.
  • The little caravan passed her with the dust hovering dense around it and the slouching forms of the pack horses hanging fringe-like in its rear.
  • Everywhere he saw the mysterious camels go slouching through the sand, gurgling the water in their skinny, extended throats.
  • She was without her cap, and was sitting in a corner of the room in a slouching attitude, her arms folded across her breast.
  • She had scarce been gone a second ere the swing-doors reopened, and she appeared again in company with a young man of mean and slouching attire.
  • A bushman slouching past with his roll of blankets slung across his back, glanced round at the waggon and continued his way to the hotel.
  • Her eyes were fastened appealingly on a slender Russian lad, slouching in his chair at the end of the row.
  • But Erskine sounded the thick sibilant of silence as they passed a shabby looking person with a slouching walk and a fair beard.
  • The man rode ahead, slouching on the back of his wretched cayuse, with eyes blank alike of inward thought or outward observation.
  • Except that his hair was cut close, he was a perfect reproduction of the tall, gaunt, slouching Tennesseean.
  • I was thinking what all this could mean, when an ugly, slouching lad came up a side passage, leading two raw-boned horses.
  • He stopped as Pauline entered, a tall powerful man, though of slouching posture, he bowed deferentially.

Definition of Slouching

present participle of slouch | The posture of someone who slouches.
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