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  • On the 20th the slough was separating.
  • I come now to the deepest slough of my poverty.
  • This is then followed by a slough of the injured part.
  • The unpaved yard about it was a slough of mire and mud.
  • I wish I could rouse her out of the slough of despond.
  • The Slough of Despond.
  • A snake that has not cast its slough (Jahn).
  • What right had he to drag her through the slough of his own necessities!
  • To slough from him the trappings that had stood a barrier between them!
  • It sank and was overwhelmed in a slough of some more secret emotion.
  • On the 17th the wound was much smaller and the slough separating.
  • The slough was simply any depression in the ground filled with mud and water.
  • Once a suitable slough has occurred, the after-treatment is simple.
  • The pain caused is intense, and the parts wounded slough off.
  • And Dick himself led the way out of the slough where they were both caught.
  • A league from the starting point we passed out of the slough called Pescadero.
  • On the next day I removed the slough entirely by means of a pair of scissors.
  • If the train had only been speeding towards Slough instead of Jersey!
  • Probably the slough which runs around Randall I. to the southeast.
  • Foot of Grand I., where Steamboat Slough joins the main river.

How To Use Slough In A Sentence?

  • How could she confess to him that she sometimes regretted the slough she had left?
  • In it was a sparkling slough but large enough to be dignified with the name of lake.
  • It is the wound remaining after the slough which we may really regard as a quittor.
  • The boatswain slouched over the bar, deep descended into the slough of despond.
  • You do not start with joy, and you go forth in a slough of despondent information.
  • I've made a slough of it betting on things that weren't lead pipe cinches like this.
  • They found him in the man who had pulled the Wabash out of a similar slough of despond.
  • The tattered slough is thrust back; and the pseudochrysalis appears in sight, absolutely naked.
  • I swung out to the south, intending to take the slough at a jump, and get away toward the border.
  • A "long trip" downstream would have brought them into the slough country south of Bakersfield.
  • They left Steamboat Slough on the right and took the main river which runs to the left.
  • Following to the left, they soon encountered the entrance to Cache Slough to port.
  • As for ourselves, we halted because we were held up by the deep water in a slough that intersects with the river itself.
  • On the 24th the slough having separated the integuments over it were flabby and loose; the caustic was applied to them.
  • The slough of the tertiary larva fits even more closely to the inner surface of the pseudochrysalid sheath.
  • Immediately the slough is cast off, the poultices may be discontinued and dressing of the wound carried out.
  • Through them he lifted himself out of the slough of despond, and he sought to extend a helping hand to others.
  • When the patient applies too late after the accident to prevent the formation of a slough we must still treat the case by the caustic.
  • Philosophy is sunk in the slough of ignorant, perversely subtle disputation upon subjects destitute of actuality.
  • It only proved that the man who had successfully cast the slough of vulgar life, had still the heart of a clown.

Definition of Slough

(transitive) To shed (skin). | (intransitive) To slide off (like a layer of skin). | (transitive, card games) To discard.
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