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  • Daar viel niet voor te sloven noch te slaven, dat was gekneed noch gebakken.

How To Use Sloven In A Sentence?

  • Till, elbowed out by sloven friends, He camps, at sufferance, on the stoop.
  • Dat is zeker sloven en zwoegen, na te gaan wat mannen en vrouwen doen, wat je buren doen!
  • He would sloven himself and her into a love that would soon prove irksome to him, a bitterness to her, and pure only on a technicality.
  • An untidy person at five-and-twenty, degenerates, very frequently, into a sloven and a boor at fifty.

Definition of Sloven

A habitually dirty or untidy man or boy; the male equivalent of slattern, or slut. | A low, base, lewd person. | (obsolete) An immoral woman.
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