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  • Books were strewn here and there, but there was no slovenliness or untidiness; and, ha!
  • Many of our American girls speak with indescribable harshness, slovenliness and shrillness.
  • An astonishing accumulation of cigarette-ends and empty bottles suggested slovenliness in the occupant.
  • It need not be said that this barbarous slovenliness and disorder meant an incredible waste of resources.
  • He did so with the utmost delicacy, for it was all an indirect indictment of my own slovenliness and sinful carelessness.
  • Yet they will not bear any close inspection, without revealing themselves as monuments of slovenliness and dirt.
  • The background is an office which by its military order and punctuality rebukes the habitual slovenliness of Russia.
  • He was a writer of English, but his extremity was such that only the briefest slovenliness would serve.
  • She was a small woman, lean, wrinkled, and with a curious mixture of primness and slovenliness in her dress.
  • The English idiosyncrasy is in that awful external slovenliness too, causing it, and being caused by it.
  • It is strange that he attributes slovenliness of manner to Rembrandt, "from Avarice.
  • Unlike most men who are indifferent to the outside world he was clean, because he found that slovenliness impaired his efficiency, and took the edge off his energy.
  • There was another reason for my not employing her to which I have not so far referred, the reason really of her slovenliness and bad temper and gradual deterioration.
  • Are not slovenliness and filth the virtues of republics, while neatness and elegance are vices of court-growth, and expand into their most ramified and minute perfectness of polish only in the palaces of kings?

Definition of Slovenliness

(uncountable) The state or quality of being slovenly. | (countable) The result or product of being slovenly.
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