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  • Progress was slow in any case.
  • So that our going was slow and wearisome.
  • The tongue slow and the eyes quick.
  • Water rudders for steering at slow speed.
  • The horses dropped into a slow walk.
  • Then she smiled her slow smile and held out her hand.
  • A slow old horse pulled it along.
  • He had that slow and heavy philosophy that wears well.
  • Sir William was not slow to act.
  • Captain Warfield ordered with slow sharpness.
  • Thorough Tuition from slow Biplanes to fast Monoplanes.
  • Occasionally there is very slow transmission in these speedy days.
  • The broadening of human thought is a slow and complex process.
  • This fact I knew well, and was not slow to use my knowledge.
  • Mrs. Stiles came walking across the floor, slow and lugubrious.
  • The Stage Managers V. Slow Music VI.

How To Use Slow In A Sentence?

  • Gray was very slow and awkward over his unaccustomed work; but tea was at last got ready.
  • Certain strains of ferrets cause rabbits to bolt rapidly, while others are slow and sluggish.
  • He is very slow to believe my mission; he chides me bitterly if ever word be spoken anent it.
  • The chief was slow and taciturn in answering, but at last burst forth in no uncertain language.
  • His march was so slow that he did not cross the Oxus till two years afterwards.
  • Rosamond Merton was silent for a long minute, and then she suddenly smiled her slow smile.
  • He was slow of speech, with a nasal twang that reminded me of Dr. Horace Bushnell.
  • In the lower stages of existence the extermination of evil has been the work of a slow and gradual process.
  • In this slow progress they presently came upon a somewhat nondescript figure at work in a potato-patch.
  • With me his relations grew less formal, for he was not slow to discover that we had one pleasant weakness in common.
  • He was limping very rapidly, but when he came along the veranda and entered the room his gait was slow and dignified.
  • Then had arisen, from neck to forehead, a slow and terrible flush that deepened to the end of the reading.
  • In my life I have paralleled very closely the slow realisations that are going on in the world about me.
  • To be very ill is not pleasant; but the slow process of getting back strength is often less pleasant still.
  • As he was making his way back from the last adventure, he was seized with fever and forced to move by slow stages.
  • He could have sworn once that he had heard a footstep that was not his own, a slow and wary footstep, among the brambles.
  • The little old lady had never seemed so long in making her appearance, nor the bells so slow to begin.
  • Most fortunate of geese, whose liver is fattened by a slow fire to figure presently here with the daintiest and noblest of viands!
  • This, to be sure, was a slow process, but it was an improvement over spending the night going around in a circle.
  • When they saw the golden feast invitingly spread, they were not slow to enter, and the doors were quickly closed upon them.
  • Mr. Stott thought that his watch must be slow until it was found that every other watch agreed with his exactly.
  • From a long jagged wound, half hidden by his matted hair, blood was trickling in a dark slow stream.
  • I was not slow to discover my value in their estimation, or to exercise, in its fullest extent, the capricious tyranny of conscious power.
  • They are swift or slow at need, may be halted without want or waste, and have no vicious instincts to be combated by whip or spur.

Definition of Slow

Taking a long time to move or go a short distance, or to perform an action; not quick in motion; proceeding at a low speed. | Not happening in a short time; spread over a comparatively long time. | Of reduced intellectual capacity; not quick to comprehend.
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