Slower in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Slower

1. We are slower to love than some other nations. 🔊

2. Martians were waiting for the slower auto buses. 🔊

3. He was so startled that it was even slower than usual. 🔊

4. The wings pulsed slower and slower. 🔊

5. The vibrating voices chanted slower and slower. 🔊

6. The higher the figure so obtained, the slower curing the rubber. 🔊

7. And Lethe's sluggish waves move slower to the sound. 🔊

8. My courage, I think, is just about six months slower than my mind. 🔊

9. His step was slower than it used to be, and, I thought, a little faltering. 🔊

How to use Slower in Sentences?

1. Then the improvement becomes slower and finally it stops before a complete cure is reached. 🔊

2. Even then, height growth in youth averages slower than that of fir or hemlock. 🔊

3. He was slower than usual in coming in; everything made me feel confused and apprehensive. 🔊

4. The less often the rubber passed through these rolls, the slower the rate of drying. 🔊

5. Sissek a slower driver and using an older and less speedy car must get away earlier. 🔊

6. Following this, leafing re-occurred, but at a slower rate and somewhat later than normal. 🔊

7. He, the loving comrade brother, to be slower of sight than the hard, grasping parent! 🔊

8. The beating in his head grew slower and lighter, and presently he could breathe with no fear of choking. 🔊

9. Well, we were getting along finely, when we got to rather a steep gradient and had to go slower up it. 🔊

10. The tougher the coagulum, the more the power required, and the slower the rate of output of the leading machines. 🔊

11. Progress, however, was slower than had been hoped, owing to delays caused by accident and the weather. 🔊

12. Following the first excited lunges, they settled down to a steadier and slower gait using all four limbs one at a time. 🔊