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  • With some slowness he rose to attend the repast.
  • But slowness and caution were of little avail.
  • They passed with equal slowness and impartial darkness.
  • Well, one must submit to the slowness of this people.
  • Rickie filled them in with the slowness and the accuracy of a child.
  • The slowness of its advance is due to the care you have taken.
  • And to this slowness we must add long spells of utter idleness.
  • Contrast with this toilsome slowness the speed of the junk bound down-stream.
  • In unusual or violent weather the slowness of mail carriage was appalling.
  • The heat continues intense, and this explains the slowness in advancing.
  • As he progressed with slowness and caution, his mind worked swiftly.
  • We may complain, perhaps justly, of the slowness of this process.
  • Five minutes went by--five ages for slowness of movement.

How To Use Slowness In A Sentence?

  • And he turned his back with a slowness which made his resolution the more unmistakable.
  • Despite the mud and the slowness of the going high spirits ruled the little train.
  • She continued to walk slowly; the slowness was as remarkable as her haste had been.
  • Here again only extreme caution and slowness permitted the colonial army to hold its ground.
  • Each battalion was advancing, with slowness and awful pain, but all were advancing.
  • Then he very carefully let the water run away, and waded with a curious slowness to the bank.
  • It is certain that Jeffrey was a little dashed by the slowness of his success at the bar.
  • The distance I had travelled was not great, but the slowness of the gait of the oxen had tired me.
  • Toward this, with increased care and slowness in the progress, Dan made his way.
  • He wondered at the deliberate slowness with which Rawhide Jones and Toothy began their errand.
  • What unaccountable slowness sheriffs and their deputies sometimes exhibit in the execution of their writs!
  • As the man is to the animal in the slowness of his evolution, so is the spiritual man to the natural man.
  • He became impatient with the slowness of the waiters, who had seemed to hurry unnecessarily the night before.
  • Somehow, doubtless because of my slowness of tongue, my side did not seem very big compared with theirs.
  • It is probably to this circumstance that we must attribute the slowness of the human race to take advantage of the energy of combustion.
  • His ill-humor increased during the journey; he complained of the badness of the roads and the slowness of the horses.
  • It was just these details, and the slowness of his speech, which alone accentuated his foreign origin.
  • No misery or guilt daunted her, no impatience at slowness tempted her to resort to artificial methods of cure.
  • They, too, were incensed both by the slowness of the federal response to the disaster and by the portrayal of the evacuees in the media.
  • With the perverseness of feminine nature she construes strength into coarseness of fibre, slowness into brutal indifference.
  • I held out my hand for the paper, and he gave it to me grudgingly, with a spiteful slowness of movement.
  • In deliberate slowness he returned up the divide, and got the spade from his retreat, then brought it to the cove.
  • He was explaining his slowness as head of the deputation and was glad, he said, to have a word apart with these two.
  • Four or five days of uneasy pretence passed with a swiftness that irritated certain members of the party and a slowness that distressed the others.
  • He pulled with exceeding slowness and care now, lest the metallic object hook against the far edge of the loophole.
  • But the marshal, impatient at the slowness of the butchery, ordered the men to desist and to fire the place.
  • There was in his movements an easy and graceful deliberation, but back of his slowness was a chill, wary strength.

Definition of Slowness

The quality or state of being slow. | (physics) A unit, the reciprocal of velocity, that delineates the amount of time required for an object to travel a given distance.
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