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  • Eyeing him slyly the while.
  • And he glanced slyly at me.
  • Barrett slyly spread ten fingers.
  • Slyly he looked at her burning face and slyly kissed it.
  • Her father glanced slyly at her, and smiled.
  • She slipped it slyly into her Algebra.
  • Bedford winked slyly at the Chicagoan.
  • The man behind the cigar-case looked slyly at Malone.
  • He winks slyly at Mariet, who has now lifted her head.
  • Nora's elbow slyly dug into Celeste's side.
  • Mr. Gibney winked slyly at McGuffey.
  • Somewhat ill at ease, the boy looked aside slyly and laughed.
  • The tutor turned a shade paler, and his eyes sank slyly to the table.
  • The brown Severn was slyly breaking down its banks as it ran.
  • Junius Brutus Ponk looked slyly at the face of his companion as he spoke.
  • It's his way of slyly calling poor Dilly a beast, because he's angry with her.
  • He glanced slyly at Comyn, and his Lordship laughed a little.
  • Here Mr. Hocker winked slyly at Daddy Perkiss and the fishermen.

How To Use Slyly In A Sentence?

  • He first kindly reproached me for having so slyly deserted him the evening before.
  • And so they parted, the children looking on and slyly whispering among themselves.
  • Mehitable ate her cake appreciatively; once in a while she slyly fed her doll with a bit.
  • The mother sparrow came slyly up and dropped some food into an open mouth and disappeared.
  • The boys set hastily to work, slyly snickering, while they beat the turf with their spades.
  • As he turned away Mitchell slyly turned up the corner of the next card, winking at Steve.
  • He said no more, but looked so slyly in their faces, that they rather fancied he was laughing at them.
  • He fumbled with the hooks of the cloak, passing his hands beneath it, smiling slyly at her the while.
  • He accordingly one night slyly tied a wisp of hay to the rope, as a bait for the cows in their peregrination to the grazing ground.
  • Even he had some sense of shame; so he slyly sold the land to a man who did not know anything about the Indians being there.
  • The rabbits' burrows had been ferreted, the ferrets having been slyly borrowed at the keeper's cottage during his absence for the occasion.
  • No excuse any longer for wanting to hear another read, and something told her that slyly listening was not becoming in any person of right ideas.
  • There were some who slyly congratulated Virginia, whose martyrdom it was to sit up with people all the day long.
  • On taking up the pitcher, therefore, he slyly peeped into it, and was fully satisfied that it contained not so much as a single drop.
  • And when Eveley tried to reason with them, they told her slyly that the proper way to decide was by putting it to vote.
  • This particular pair of catbirds appeared in early May and began slyly to look over the situation in the vines and bushes about the house.
  • Pere Amabilis insisted upon adjusting our saddles, during which ceremony he slyly hid a morsel of cold fowl in our saddle-bags.
  • Kipling laughed slyly at the traveler in India who spent his time gazing at the names of the railway stations in Baedeker.
  • In March the white-throated and white-crowned sparrows may be seen, hopping about on the flower-beds or peering slyly from the evergreens.
  • He looked slyly at me, and I remembered having said to him that I had had a tryst to keep among the hills.
  • If measles slyly stole into town to be caught by somebody, Bartie Trafton was sure to be one catcher.
  • But when Barres, now thoroughly incensed, turned to leave, her small, pig-like eyes peeped slyly after him.

Definition of Slyly

(obsolete) Dexterously, skilfully. | In a sly manner, cunningly.
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