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  • Small as she was there was too much of her.
  • Small as the shanty was, it was an inspiration.
  • The object is to have the straw as small as we can get it.
  • He ought to be as small as the sisters used to be.
  • The mounds of earth were so small as to be hardly noticed.
  • Protesting, he made his part as small as possible.
  • That is a quick-talking one, as small as a child.
  • And I feel as small as before.
  • Small as thou art, as phantast thou art great.
  • Falling Waters was microscopically small as a fight.
  • The grid was small, as Calhoun reasoned.
  • The grid was small, as Calhoun reasoned.
  • Their imperfections were so small as compared with their sacrifice.
  • But what a change is there if we consider it, small as it is in appearance.
  • Besides this there were only the bedrooms, as small as they well could be.
  • No one is so small as to escape the vigilant eye of a paternal government.
  • There is no datum so small as not to show this mystery, if mystery it be.
  • Having said this, that prince of snakes became as small as the thumb.
  • The bottles should be quite small, as it soon spoils after being opened.
  • Then a thin seam of ore appeared, but so small as to seem insignificant.
  • Ken tied the rope of boxes into a strong unit, as small as it could be made.
  • Small as it was, though, it was rest, and he remained quiescent once more.
  • Small as it was, the blaze was, nevertheless, hot and stifling.

How To Use Small As In A Sentence?

  • Let this be as small as practicable to avoid splitting when the irons are stapled down upon it.
  • He made himself as small as possible and started for the farther end of the room.
  • The time we bestow upon it is small as compared with that bestowed on those others.
  • The percentage of the score derived from the number of halves was so small as to be negligible.
  • Small as it is, its contents are sufficient to impregnate hundreds of thousands of eggs.
  • The daily supply of fresh vegetables is so small as to be hardly worth mentioning.
  • Not one of the rooms was as small as the largest chambers seen in the modern apartments.
  • No food should be swallowed until it is broken into bits nearly as small as the head of a pin.
  • The handles of a sugar-basin are often so small as to be partially or wholly useless.
  • Small as those little boats floating like scattered flower-leaves on the great lake down there.
  • The shards were small, as if when a pot was broken the fragments were still further demolished.
  • Make the cakes small, as they do not turn quite as easily as do buckwheat cakes.
  • Nicholas was thus thrown upon his own resources, which were as small as they well could be.
  • But all such are the mere minority, so small as to make no difference to the general argument.
  • His height was considerably below the average, his skull was as small as his shoulders were broad.
  • Before 1810 the amount of iron ore produced was so small as to be scarcely worth considering.
  • It projects on the scene, and is so small as to give standing to only some half dozen persons.
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