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How To Use Small In A Sentence?

  • The small sealskin cap on her drab hair did not even pretend to be a stylish one.
  • A wax taper had been placed in one of her hands, in the other she held a small coin.
  • I got into a small drift once, my pony flopping down suddenly till his girths were in the snow.
  • She was dressed in white muslin, and the fantastically small waist was confined with a white band.
  • She never used large words, but she had a natural gift for making small ones do effective work.
  • At Trelung bridge, eight miles out of Lhassa, was a small garrison, guarding the bridge.
  • From the window of another room there looks down a very tall old man in a long clerical surtout with small buttons.
  • The tray of penny jewellery was placed at the corner of a table, and a small boy set to watch over it.
  • I made way instantly to the table, and with no small difficulty smuggled a plate and had it filled with strawberries.
  • I found my small friend's door very easily, and turned the key to admit myself.
  • And how awfully evident is it, that this indispensable operation takes place only on a comparatively small proportion of the collective race!
  • Most messes had soon run out of whiskey, and rum in small quantities from the supply column took its place.
  • The young lady had a small writing tablet with a tiny pencil attached, secured by a ribbon at her waist.
  • In both these examples, the first period should be replaced by a comma, and the following word begun with a small letter.
  • Patrica felt very small indeed before this calm criticism, but she confessed bravely, though with flushing cheeks.
  • Round this are built tiers upon tiers of small shrines; each tier contains one less shrine than the tier below it.
  • I have found that then is no ingredient of the race which I do not possess in either a small way or a large way.
  • The small iron bed was hidden by a canopy of frilly lace and a coverlet of transparent, delicate mull with an underslip of blue.
  • Looking about him, he perceived a small light burning at no great distance, and sulkily bade his coachman drive in that direction.
  • Patricia demurred, feeling suddenly rather small and insignificant in her girlish white net frock among all the glittering costumes about her.
  • It fronted a vast green space; all building-ground enclosed this quiet corner, for only a few small houses stood about.
  • The pavilion consisted of two small adjoining rooms, such cosy little cribs, with quite an air of home about them.
  • There was 'ata,' in small quantities, which the sepoy would buy greedily as a change from his tsampa.
  • The little woman at the piano was small and rather wrinkled, and was wearing an old-fashioned ulster which fitted her small form rather carelessly.
  • There was the slave man who was struck down with a chunk of slag for some small offence; I saw him die.
  • Some unladen mules, of which we stood in considerable need, were brought in that same day by a small escort from Gyantse.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Small | Small Sentence

  • But it is a small matter.
  • So that small tale was sold three times.
  • I was to do the part of a bear in a small fairy play.
  • How small the distance, and yet how great!
  • In 32 vols., small fcap.
  • Again Susy has made a small error.
  • U.S. laws alone swamp our small staff.
  • Hence the reinforcements were marching up in very small columns.
  • At the end of a steep incline a bridge spanned a small river.
  • A weed resembling vetch with a small purple flower grew on the hillside.
  • Frank had his eyes fixed upon a small electric launch lying near the pier.
  • He was a truculent, swarthy fellow, with small sparkling eyes.
  • The book thus covers only a small portion of the field of English style.
  • Judy-pudy," she cried, flinging an arm about her small sister.

Definition of Small

Not large or big; insignificant; few in number. | (figuratively) Young, as a child. | (writing, incomparable) Minuscule or lowercase, referring to written letters.
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