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  • Even the above small number soon dwindled.
  • Louisiana had a small number of natural beds.
  • Therefore they choose a small number to act for them.
  • Such indeed are to be found in no small number.
  • A very small number hesitatingly took their seats.
  • A small number joined the ranks of the picketers.
  • Not the least curious is the small number of negroes.
  • It had only a few combs, and but a small number of bees.
  • A small number of Democrats favored the measure.
  • Of his panel paintings only a small number have been preserved.
  • Only a comparatively small number of hickories have been planted in this state.
  • A very small number of gentlemen had submitted to the orders of the governor.
  • On the death of his father he came into possession of a small number of slaves.
  • At last the old mayor was defeated at the election by a small number of votes.
  • We have invited only a small number of people for the morning, but most select.
  • Among them a small number of white crosses appeared, drawn with chalk.
  • Considering the small number of pieces, the scale of form is remarkably varied.
  • The Bee, after lodging a small number of males in them, hastens to leave them.

How To Use Small Number In A Sentence?

  • The further reports show from this time an astonishingly small number of deaths.
  • The number of persons killed on the occasion has been reduced to a very small number.
  • But a small number of these slabs were collected on account of their great weight.
  • I speak of our first mission which was composed at its arrival of a small number of religious.
  • The matter chiefly concerns the very small number of women who desire the privilege.
  • The small number of the eggs that constitute a batch also leads to the same conclusion.
  • Occasionally a beggar approached, but the boys were surprised by the small number of mendicants.
  • The small number of sternal ribs is even more characteristic of birds than mammals or reptiles.
  • I see it in the small number of names which appear in the list of contributions to any good work.
  • A few years ago, only a small number of houses were on the hillside or the hilltop.
  • In her own salon, none might enter who were not of the small number of the elect.
  • This is one reason that the slang of a small number of people spreads and becomes general.
  • If they consented to admit us, it was only in a very small number and in second-rate offices.
  • A very small number of squirrels or mice can get away with a vast number of seeds in a season.
  • Next day few of that devoted sixty were alive, a very small number escaping by swimming.
  • Their position, and the small number of them, indicates that the flesh had been used as food.
  • Moreover, but a small number have set aside this fourth part, and they have done it very seldom.
  • Its burrow branches into a small number of cylindrical cells, forming the homes of as many larvae.
  • Occupied by a small number of people, such a room looks out of proportion, stiff and empty.
  • Therefore, so to speak, compared with dreams, but a small number of shots of this kind are fired.
  • A small number, including a man on a white horse, rode off in a vague way to the west.
  • Nevertheless, comparatively speaking, only a very small number have been translated into English.
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