Smart in a sentence

Definition of Smart

Exhibiting social ability or cleverness. | (informal) Exhibiting intellectual knowledge, such as that found in books. | (often in combination) Equipped with intelligent behaviour (digital/computer technology).

How to use Smart in a Sentence?

  • Cousin Redfield, for a small bear, was really quite smart to think of all that.
  • Strax därpå kom också prinsessan, en smärt ung dam, åtföljd av ännu en hovfröken.
  • Lady Everard, very smart in black, sparkling with diamonds, was already there with Aylmer.
  • Of course, them too-awfully smart galoots of Co. A had to get very funny over our trouble.
  • Some of them were smart enough to discount the propaganda that had persuaded them, and so they settled for the wages offered by the company.
  • Joan suddenly yearned to do some aloof eyeing on her own account, now that she was no longer shabby but wore a frock as smart as any in the room.
  • He was too smart a crook to disappear right on top of the robbery, and hung around saying he was looking for another place.
  • The smart young fellow touched his cap, and the butler flinging open the door put an end to further possible instructions.
  • This fact should make all smart gypsy scholars "take tent" and heed as to believing that they know everything.
  • With a Frenchman you've got to be mighty smart to see that you get the chance of doing your half.
  • Nothing like a night-alarm and a little cutting up of stragglers to make a Regiment smart in the field.
  • A middle-aged lady in a very smart cap, who was reading the paper by the light of a small lamp, looked up as they passed.
  • The fine points of rain had gradually increased to a smart downfall, that drummed on the veranda overhead and gurgled past his feet in the gutter.
  • When I grew expert we danced together at the country club and at some of the smart places down-town.
  • Helen, as usual, was clad in her best tailored suit, and looked particularly bright and smart when he greeted her.
  • A planet like that tends to breed a special kind of person: tough enough to stay alive and smart enough to make the best of it.
  • That she was exceedingly clever and well-informed I at once detected by her terse and smart criticism of the latest play, which we discussed.

Short Example Sentence for Smart

  • George was a smart man.
  • We had a smart engagement in the afternoon.
  • Very likely he thought me as smart as my reputation.
  • A smart kid writes a business plan.
  • He was a brisk, smart looking man.
  • Billy was smart as the dickens, and young, and no drunk.
  • I wrote again to Sir Smart also on the subject.
  • I'm not smart enough.
  • Oh, I AM a smart Toad, and no mistake!
  • He thinks he has been very smart in taking from me all the papers.
  • Nurse was very much pleased, but she said they were too smart by half.
  • He's a smart man and handles a gun well.
  • By the captain and lieutenants, he was considered a smart young officer.
  • They've asked us very seldom when they've had their smart parties.
  • And master Syrus' back shall smart for it.
  • But I think we're smart enough to upset these fellows' calculations.
  • They're smartish guys, and I feel they're too smart for you by a sight.
  • For Mr. 'Coon is pretty smart and quick to think.
  • Charles II gave a smart rebuke for exclusiveness, as elsewhere mentioned.
  • You wouldn't be here today if poor Silas Cumshaw'd been as smart as you are.
  • I don't mean good in the sense of smart or skilful in his trade.
  • These are the brilliant ones--the smart and the blues....
  • He said: "Blumenthal, you're a smart man.

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