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  • But he was smarter than that.
  • You have to be a bit smarter than he is.
  • You are smarter than the others.
  • They would return at a much smarter pace.
  • I've seen smarter craft in a wrecker's yard.
  • That the bluebird an' phoebe Are smarter 'n we be?
  • But you're no smarter than the rest of us.
  • He may be smarter than a turtle, and remember how he pushed in.
  • You're smarter than I thought you were.
  • Then, a few pirates, smarter than the rest, realized what was going on.
  • Just like it allers is when people gits smarter than the blessed God.
  • So smarter man you never see, Was alway on de grande hooraw!
  • Hadn't he proved himself smarter than old Granny Fox?
  • Having a little better job than he, I naturally thought I was the smarter man.

How To Use Smarter In A Sentence?

  • Remember that the burro is smarter than you are in regard to the business of mountain climbing.
  • My old house was no more, but in its place a much larger and smarter edifice of sculptured stone.
  • He looked all the better for his lagging, browner than ever in the face, smarter and stouter.
  • He became smarter in his dress: changed his necktie every day and shortened his frock-coat.
  • Suddenly a young fellow entered, rather smarter than most of them, and I recognized him at once.
  • It was a long time after that before they were heard to boast of being smarter than their father and mother.
  • Anne was always smarter than he; he never knew just how much smarter she was but he knew when to feel apprehensive.
  • He caps your jests and corrects your mistakes, and does your special things over again in newer and smarter ways.
  • But when it was all done they had the satisfaction of knowing that no cleaner, brighter, smarter craft was afloat.
  • In a sterling officer of the old school, it is low and comfy; the smarter you are the higher your collar.
  • Either I'm growing dull and stupid, or some folks are smarter than they used to be.
  • The pace became smarter still; not only was Struboff breathless with being dragged along, but I was breathless with dragging him.
  • There are several smart betting clubs in London, but none smarter or more up-to-date than the Post Club.
  • In a clean, fresh cotton blouse and neat tailor-made skirt she presented a much smarter appearance them in that cheap black coat and skirt as she stood in the muddy roadway.

Definition of Smarter

comparative form of smart: more smart
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