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  • The smell of stale pickles was very strong.
  • The smell of burning powder filled the room.
  • I detect a smell of smoke down there, says he.
  • You can smell garlic and stewed veal in the love scenes.
  • Salted mignonette was the Smell of it.
  • The smell of dawn was in the air; the east sparkled.
  • A faint, earthy smell rose from the foundations.
  • I smell the blood of an Englishman!
  • But I smell a rat close by; Hush!
  • Incidentally, Louise, I smell a rat.
  • We smell a rat close by, Mee-ow, mee-ow, mee-ow.
  • And the Smell of a June Rose was a Feeling.
  • The smell of the plants has drugged him, and robbed him of energy.
  • He let her smell the fresh green bank-notes in his pocketbook.
  • I could smell sardines on her and a big cracker crumb was lying on her bosom.
  • I can tell a boot by the smell of the leather, but pianos are out of my line.
  • But he became aware of a bad smell and concluded he would go no farther.
  • There was a savory smell as Milly lifted the pot from the stove.
  • A smell of dust, sounds of children crying, children talking in the kitchen!
  • She thought the Man could smell the rose the second he opened the street door.
  • But I smell a smell that I've often smelled.
  • He could smell it now--he had smelt it ever since.

How To Use Smell In A Sentence?

  • There was also a foul smell within which would have been more suitable for a slaughterhouse.
  • Stinky, who was very touchy on the score of the vile smell of his trade, boiled over.
  • The garret was a very good place to keep things in; but there was a strong smell of stale pickles.
  • The flesh heard, the eyes saw and the souls could smell the life to its fullest beauty.
  • The tide brings with it the smell of the sea and, in winter, the great white flights of gulls.
  • The imagination rarely gives rise to hallucinations of the senses of touch, taste, or smell alone.
  • Lloyd felt uneasy as he listened and he could smell the stench of Evil lingering in the night air.
  • Her mother was a Catholic who loved the smell of incense, but never went to confession.
  • Or should I not much rather smell him out Six months before he did but dream of it?
  • There was a sweet smell of lavender in the sheets which a hot warming pan had also made comfortable.
  • If our chambers reeked with smoke and the smell of burning wood, they accepted the information with calm indifference because theirs did not.
  • So agreeable a smell as burning walrus fat dispelled all distrust, and brought him within musket-shot.
  • To be bound almost literally hand and foot in the vicinity of a bad smell is a form of torture which in its way gives points to any inquisition.
  • The whole place had the vague depressing smell of closed rooms, or of dead flowers, the very odour of unhappiness.
  • The smell of water in the troughs lured him on, the rest followed, and when the main herd came up it was artfully tailed on to the drag.
  • The fetid smell of their burning flesh infected the surrounding air, and added to their torments; yet still they persevered in their declarations.
  • The blue blur of ocean, the dear green smell of mignonette, the rush of wind through the poplar trees were tonic memories to you.
  • He had traveled something less than an hour, when he began to notice a thin blue haze in the air, and at the same time to smell a pungent smoke.

Definition of Smell

(transitive) To sense a smell or smells. | (intransitive) To have a particular smell, whether good or bad; if descriptive, followed by "like" or "of". | (intransitive, without a modifier) To smell bad; to stink.
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