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  • He smells the meat you hung up.
  • And yet it smells of old orgies.
  • Their breath always smells of the whiskey.
  • And his cart smells awfully rum.
  • It smells of yellow soap and suds.
  • There an audience always smells of soap.
  • It smells like the tomb of dead pleasures.
  • What a waste of sweet smells on the desert air!
  • The smells were sickening, overpowering.
  • The day is new and fair with good smells in the air.
  • A brown-skinned woman and she smells like toilet soap.
  • A black-skinned woman and she smells like a billy goat.
  • He smells of the University library.
  • O my offence is rank, it smells to heaven Act iii.
  • The smells in the blackness of Fish Street were fresher.
  • On King Street the water-front smells thickened.
  • Perhaps the disappearance of the smells involved the loss of the beauty also.
  • There is nothing else that smells so sweet and clean and dry.
  • It smells like a chemist's shop!
  • Ever since that the place smells of sea-water from time to time.
  • Here are dim restaurants, with truant smells for their advertisement.
  • Clear zigzagging water, which smells of tulips and narcissus.
  • If it curls up and smells like burning wool, it is probably silk.
  • A bug at large smells very noticeably, a bug squashed stinks.
  • Sweet smells and incense are often perceived, bad odors much less frequently.
  • Here, take a turn in the garden, for the place smells like a charnel-house.
  • An American audience always smells of rubber and lilies-of-the-valley.
  • His tea is so peculiar--it smells of fish, not tea.
  • They could smell me as Giles's curly dog smells the wounded partridges.

How To Use Smells In A Sentence?

  • It smells as if the cask had been placed for the convenience of passers-by on the wayside.
  • There are no flowers in bloom yet, but the earth of my garden smells of tulips and narcissus.
  • In other words, it is merely a case of becoming acclimated to rackets, smells and food.
  • The ocean smells of the strong odour of the depths, of decaying seaweeds, of its grass.
  • Her skin is chalked and powdered with dust, she smells dust, and behind the wall are roses!
  • There were smells, too, dank, sodden, drowned smells that came in upon the sea mist.
  • We are right in Belgium, where flies and smells are as varied as in the Orient.
  • You know, yourself, just how the world looks and feels and smells at high noon of a high June!
  • I was sick of being shunned because I carried stable smells about with me wherever I went.
  • One who, on noticing that a rose smells better than a cabbage, concludes that it will also make better soup.
  • I do not know what it is that smells so wonderfully on spring nights when I go out far beyond the outskirts of the city.

Definition of Smells

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of smell | plural of smell
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