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  • Handsome buildings, and the smoothest meadow-lands are nowhere to be seen.
  • Mrs. Meadowsweet had the smoothest and most tranquil of faces.
  • The smoothest stretch of ice was right down the center of the Parade.
  • In years gone by this day was used to be The smoothest of the year.
  • The trench is overgrown with the smoothest turf, and the Walls with ivy.
  • They're the smoothest and slickest set of grafters in the world.

How To Use Smoothest In A Sentence?

  • The marrow is sweet for him who can crack it, in the roughest or the smoothest bone.
  • Our course had been rather devious also, in order to obtain the smoothest path.
  • The herd steadily climbed the ridge, choosing the smoothest path and the easiest slope.
  • In buying dried tongues, choose those that are thick and plump, and that have the smoothest skins.
  • And so the Cave-men began to vie with one another in making the straightest and smoothest shafts.
  • Show us your worst and we can face it, but it is when you are sweetest and smoothest that we have most to fear from you.
  • We had to watch for the smoothest place for every step, and then moved only with the greatest difficulty.
  • We then withdrew to the shelter of the wood, for the smoothest sand makes but a sorry bed, and made our camp for the night.
  • The Tyrolese maker selects the smoothest wood his mountain affords, clear of grain, and free from flaw or blemish.
  • They also admired his riding gloves which, a strange affectation in a country of buckskin, were always the softest and the smoothest and the most comfortable kid that could be obtained.
  • Within ten minutes from the time of entering them they were passed in safety, and the raft was floating down the broadest, smoothest current they had experienced since starting on their perilous journey.

Definition of Smoothest

superlative form of smooth: most smooth | (archaic) second-person singular simple present form of smooth
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