Smothered in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Smothered

1. Some women gave smothered cries. 🔊

2. Lawrence smothered his wrath and said nothing more. 🔊

3. I, in a half smothered voice. 🔊

4. A smothered sob, was the only response she met with. 🔊

5. Dropping her lantern, with a smothered scream she fled. 🔊

6. Starling, with a smothered oath, had sprung to his feet. 🔊

7. But after we went to the farm I was smothered in ease. 🔊

8. Nicholas and Psyekoff held him, but who smothered him? 🔊

9. I'm smothered in dirt and dust. 🔊

10. Ariston's heart seemed smothered in his breast. 🔊

11. Peter smothered his rising feelings under an air of important haste. 🔊

12. Drew's hand reached up and smothered the words on her lips. 🔊

13. Here, rascals, do you not see he is smothered in that helmet? 🔊

14. But the words were half smothered by sobs, for she was crying already. 🔊

15. Why, we'd be smothered in a jiffy, even if we didn't get burned to a crisp! 🔊

How to use Smothered in Sentences?

1. With a smothered moan she flung herself onto the bunk and buried her face in the blankets. 🔊

2. The woman was beautifully dressed in white linen and a hat smothered with red and yellow poppies. 🔊

3. He must certainly be dashed to death upon the rocks or smothered beneath the onrushing foam. 🔊

4. Following them came a cry, a smothered oath, and the sound of running footsteps. 🔊