Smudged in a sentence

Definition of Smudged

Blurred as by being rubbed. | simple past tense and past participle of smudge

Short Example Sentence for Smudged

  • 1. And they melted and smudged her neck.
  • 2. And he smudged the dust on his face a little more.
  • 3. Her face was smudged and her hands blackened.
  • 4. In the centre was the smudged likeness of a native face.
  • 5. She had, he felt, smudged the brightness of his splendid future.
  • 6. His glance fell on the white apron, now smudged and greased in good earnest.

How to use Smudged in a Sentence?

  • 1. And then they stopped dead at the smudged groove and ancient and fish-like scent of an otter.
  • 2. I was in a tremendous hurry, and the whole thing is smudged and scarce distinguishable.
  • 3. The soldier came up, his hands black with charcoal and his face smudged as well.
  • 4. Almost directly below him, a column of black smoke smudged the clear green of the swamp grass.
  • 5. His wife was standing close by, a smudged hag of most sinister aspect; also a son and his wife.
  • 6. I turned to inspect the new-comer with a cordiality his smudged and smutty face could not wholly suppress.
  • 7. The form of the head is not smudged into the throat, nor the throat into the chest, nor the chest into the arms.
  • 8. Slipping in behind her brother, she managed to rub the sleeve of her dress over the writing and smudged the greater part of the picture.
  • 9. His hair was all on end, and his cheek was smudged with something yellow, and he was as happy as a baby in a sand pile.
  • 10. The financier sat down; smudged the dust across his face with a coloured silk handkerchief; and breathed heavily.
  • 11. It was yellow, curling at the edges, and could hardly be read behind a smudged window laced with years of accumulated cobwebs.
  • 12. The two smudged tool-bearers, who walked rather shakily to the upper deck, did not even provoke a questioning glance from the workmen.
  • 13. It looked like a smudged dot, nothing more; but it was a horse, really, galloping hard, with a light sleigh, and a man in it, behind.
  • 14. In the pitiless daylight she was still piquantly beautiful, though her pale face was still smudged with the remnants of her ceremonial make-up and her eyes were veiled, withdrawn.