Sneeze in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Sneeze

1. Then he began to sneeze again. 🔊

2. It makes you sneeze when you come in. 🔊

3. A smothered sneeze was the result. 🔊

4. A terrific sneeze followed. 🔊

5. It made her sneeze instead. 🔊

6. To sneeze at the table indicates a stranger. 🔊

7. The effect of the sneeze was an odd one. 🔊

8. I was so glad when the snuff made him sneeze and cough! 🔊

9. A sudden impulse to sneeze became almost uncontrollable. 🔊

10. A half-stifled sneeze shakes the side of the case. 🔊

11. That's not a price to sneeze at, that isn't. 🔊

12. Sneeze before seven, Sneeze before eleven. 🔊

13. Hold a handkerchief before your face when you sneeze or cough. 🔊

14. It seems as though the sneeze had a masculine sound about it. 🔊

15. Or because she wants to sneeze and has lost her pocket handkerchief? 🔊

16. He could sit in draughts if he wanted to and sneeze his head off. 🔊

17. At this instant a sound closely resembling a sneeze caused them to turn. 🔊

18. He did not sneeze at smaller chambers than our Kaisers abide. 🔊

19. They scoured the mountain sides, but I did not sneeze again. 🔊

How to use Sneeze in Sentences?

1. I have a sort of idea that my sneeze upset the entire preconcerted arrangements for a review. 🔊

2. As he did so, a suppressed sneeze made him aware he was not alone upon the stairway. 🔊

3. Here the lachrymators and the sternutators, the tear gases and the sneeze gases, came into play. 🔊

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