Sneezed In A Sentence

Definition of Sneezed

simple past tense and past participle of sneeze

How To Use Sneezed In A Sentence?

  • And so they sneezed in concert, until their heads were clearer than they had been for many a day.
  • An anemic woman opposite sneezed and fixed a devastating stare on the fierce gentleman.
  • He ran out on the campus and there sneezed himself free of the pepper, much to his relief.
  • He tried to hold out, but after a little he could stand it no longer and he sneezed violently.
  • He sneezed again, a most vociferous roar of sound, quite involuntary and spasmodic.
  • Then Billy sneezed in a forced way, as though to remind me not to go off without him.
  • During his imprisonment in the tower, in spite of all precautions, the Prince sneezed three times.
  • By the way, Pepine has a cold: he sneezed twice yesterday, and his tail is all limp.
  • The royal cooks and maidens sneezed and sputtered no more, and their royal majesties were grateful as could be.
  • I found it underneath my ladies' pillow, because they sneezed so much it wakened me.
  • While her arm was in and her hand was feeling for the mail, a boy sneezed and every one turned and looked at him witheringly.
  • He sneezed till the top of his head seemed like to lift, and the tears ran down his cheeks in an unceasing stream.
  • There had been Frenchmen close to me; he who had just sneezed was my countryman, my comrade, perhaps already my friend!
  • Occasionally he sneezed in the crook of his elbow, philosophizing over the fact that there was a lot of deadwood property in New York.
  • At this moment Mr. Leary having sneezed an uncountable number of times, regained the powers of coherent utterance.
  • Green peas ain't to be sneezed at, an' as for French carrots, science'll tell you there's ninety-two per cent.
  • Every time he sneezed she pressed upon him the gift of a jar of goose grease with which to anoint his chest, and he blackened and sold it to his customers for shoe oil.
  • Thirty thousand dollars is not to be sneezed at, and it would be highly unjust to say that it was a sneeze that sent his grandmother, his aunt and his father into hysterics of alarm.
  • In a few days the little Prince, who had not sneezed a second time, was removed to the tower on the Golden Mountain.
  • Once, after Will in the character of the King had been killed by Hamlet and lay dead upon the stage, he sneezed explosively.
  • Slowfoot answered, "Hee! hee!" and helped herself to as much as a good broad finger and thumb could grasp, after which she sneezed with violence.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sneezed | Sneezed Sentence

  • Richard sneezed once or twice.
  • I sneezed when it caught me.
  • He coughed and sneezed voluminously.
  • Gulo did not wait to hear if it sneezed twice.
  • And then he sneezed one, two, three times.
  • Miss Kling looked at her and sneezed a sinister sneeze.
  • James Henry sneezed heavily and got down from the table.
  • And the philosopher titillated his nostril until he sneezed again and again.
  • Painted hours dancing to jewelled harps are not to be sneezed at.
  • Money ain't to be sneezed at, neither.
  • And, turning abruptly away he sneezed himself out of the room.
  • He sneezed in disgust, and rubbed his nose violently with his paw.
  • The cold bit into his flesh, and when he sneezed it hurt his chest.
  • And then, as if to disprove her own words, she sneezed violently.
  • Then he sneezed violently, raised his head, and opened his eyes.
  • He was dust-covered, and draggled, and his tail drooped, and he sneezed again.
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