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  • Anyone who is heard sneezing will have to stay indoors.
  • Something about the act of sneezing is considered uncanny.
  • Forty-third day, sneezing caused by witch-meal (215).
  • And then she had to stop talking and let the sneezing have full play.
  • I should like to start a society for sneezing at fifty thousand pounds.
  • This cold often shows itself by sneezing and "snuffles" in the nose.

How To Use Sneezing In A Sentence?

  • She carried the pepper-box in her hand and the people near the door began sneezing all at once.
  • They made sneezing noises of protestation, but nothing would induce them to move.
  • And the girls laughed to see the Stevenyne sneezing with anger and trying to spit out her candles.
  • Blinded, and sneezing violently, Hans dropped his switch and made for the door.
  • This set him sneezing so violently that it seemed impossible that the watchers outside should not hear him.
  • Perhaps some little sneezing or so, no harm; but my Enemy's a dead Man, Sir, kill'd.
  • It iss full of sneezing down there," and his red eyes still showed the effect of it.
  • Everything was covered some inches thick with a fine sand, which caused insufferable choking and sneezing to those who were heedless.
  • His sneezing made him bump his head against the kitchen shelf, and at a point where sat a bowl of rice pudding.
  • He had been conscious of suppressed coughing and sneezing from within, which he detected by placing his ear near the holes in the roof.
  • The next time he returned he had gotten the right brush, and made a point of sneezing as the dust flew from their mud-dried clothes.
  • Use your handkerchief to cover a sneeze or cough and try to avoid coughing, sneezing or blowing the nose in front of others, or at the table.
  • She said the last words out loud, and the little thing grunted in reply (it had left off sneezing by this time).
  • The king had scarcely done so when he began to sneeze violently, and could not stop, but ran up and down the room, sneezing all the time.
  • You came in like a whirlwind; bells rang, clothes were shaken out, you were sneezing and laughing and aureoled with icy air....
  • Coonie cried, running up, with a friendly, anxious expression on his face, for Chuck was almost sneezing his head off.
  • When Pogson has done sneezing with the snuff, you will say to him, "Take a fauteuil.
  • He turned at last, and lay with his head in his arms against the wall until the air should have time to clear, and meanwhile the sneezing had quickened his wits.
  • A cold in the head inspires pity neither in the heart of man nor in that of woman, and sneezing is fatal if the lady possesses the slightest particle of humour.
  • Dixie, sneezing the snow from his nostrils, turned obediently; Chub, his feet dragging wearily in the snow, trailed patiently behind.
  • But he took kindly to tea, and being prevailed on to try a pinch of snuff, he laughed heartily when the paroxysm of sneezing was over, and asked for more.
  • This is a measure which tends to control the spread of a good many diseases besides measles, because during coughing and sneezing sputum may be thrown several feet.
  • She found some nails and a hammer, and after a good deal of rummaging and some sneezing because of the dust she raised whenever she moved a pile of rubbish, she found a padlock with a key in it.
  • Trevna wormed along up the tunnel, groping cautiously in front of him at each forward lurch, and at last his hands fell on what he sought, and at the same moment he began sneezing again.

Definition of Sneezing

present participle of sneeze | The act of producing a sneeze.
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