Snider In A Sentence

Definition of Snider

comparative form of snide: more snide

How To Use Snider In A Sentence?

  • Gurkhas dropped volley after volley of cripple-stopper Snider bullets at long range into the mob of the Ghazis returning to their own troops.
  • Each man, armed with a Snider rifle and twenty rounds of ammunition, was mounted on a rough, wiry-looking pony.
  • This vessel contains, it is said, the Snider rifles, the warm clothing, the tents, and many other important necessaries.
  • As a weapon of precision the Snider is perhaps preferable to the Martini-Henry; but, of course, this is matter of opinion.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Snider | Snider Sentence

  • It was a true Snider bullet.
  • In his hand was a short-barrelled, large-bore Snider rifle.

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