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  • Immediately the sniper put a bullet through it.
  • The sniper was shooting his initials on the tin.
  • At the end of the third year a sniper got him.
  • The sniper seeing now nothing to snipe at, did not snipe.
  • A sniper got Sandy in June, 1916.
  • Till then, go ahead with your regular work and forget the sniper job.
  • Had he not killed the very best sniper the Germans could hope to possess?

How To Use Sniper In A Sentence?

  • Then he wondered how it came about that the sniper was behind the German trenches.
  • He told me it would never do to let the German sniper think he had scored a hit.
  • In the winter I have heard lamentations for the stray man killed by a sniper or a stray shell.
  • Two men were telling me how they caught a sniper established in a tree, with a thousand rounds of ammunition and provisions.
  • He distinguished himself signally as a sniper and bears the extraordinary record of having killed three hundred and seventy-eight of the enemy.
  • Had a sniper with a blast rifle been stationed at a vantage point somewhere on the roofs today none of them would ever have returned to this field.
  • We would feel like getting out and hitting one another, but we dare not even raise a finger because a sniper would take it off.
  • In his vivid imagination that elusive German sniper gradually attained a weight not far from three hundred pounds.
  • At last a German sniper shot the wounded officer in the side, and he feigned death so well that his men began to prepare a cross for his grave.
  • Seeing a German sniper at work, he borrowed a rifle and commenced a duel with the Boche in which several shots were exchanged.
  • Whether the sniper had seen this move, or whether he himself was tired of inaction, another bullet now pinged hard and viciously against the boulder itself.
  • Yes, it was good to be at Verdun after Douaumont had been retaken, standing where you would have been in range of a German sniper a week before.
  • One badly wounded officer got it going out of his dug-out to attend to a man of his company who was hit by a sniper in an exposed place, one of his subalterns told me.

Definition of Sniper

A person using long-range small arms for precise attacks from a concealed position. | Any attacker using a non-contact weapon against a specific target from a concealed position. | One who shoots from a concealed position.
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