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  • Already the snowfall was as great as that of most winters.
  • Reuben wondered when the snowfall had ceased.
  • The snowfall had been heavy in '58.
  • There has been a slight snowfall during the night, and snow is impending.
  • Now my heart is like the snowfall in the spring, when the sun has come back.

How To Use Snowfall In A Sentence?

  • There had not been so much snowfall in this section, but the weather began to be very severe.
  • The snowfall was lightening again, and the small flame in the distance looked nearer.
  • As a rule, the snowfall is light on the Western plains, and jumper-sleds are not in general use.
  • When he reached the Blue Pass in his flight, a deep snowfall had made the road impassable.
  • Angelique has moved in this morning from the summer kitchen; she says the first snowfall is her warning.
  • The amount of atmospheric moisture deposited during the above-mentioned period was most insignificant; only a very slight snowfall now and then.
  • There has been comparatively little snowfall for three successive years, and this has given the young trees a chance.
  • It is the case in Switzerland that some years the accumulation is greater from snowfall than diminution from melting.
  • The rainfall is scarcely measurable, the snowfall is reported as heavy, and the winter temperatures are presumably low.
  • This storm might be nothing but a warning of winter; it might be the first day of a snowfall that would continue for two weeks.
  • The snowfall had been abnormal, and, though they were hard men, they admitted that to force a way through the passes was beyond their ability.
  • That night there was a heavy snowfall and the Austrian corpses sprawled upon the mountainside were soon buried deep beneath the fleecy flakes.
  • The skies were clear and moonlit in the evening; now, about midnight, a damp, heavy snowfall began and a fierce wind arose.
  • A heavy snowfall buried all the trails and the world, the happy, busy world, forgot these two holding their claim on the grim wilderness frontier.
  • I stood long at the window, for I knew this glory was transient and before another snowfall every crimson and yellow leaf would have fallen.
  • Although he had promised to return in the evening, Mistress Mergel hardly counted on it because a heavy snowfall had set in after sunset.
  • The third winter of her stay had seen an unusual snowfall for the Sage Brush, and this spring following was an unusually rainy one.
  • The snowfall on the mountains argue that our part of the Wild + Wooley may soon be a fishing station instead of an alfalfa ranch.
  • There I made my nest with less trouble than the year before, and at the first serious snowfall I shut myself up for another long sleep.
  • Cross-country trips may be taken in the high mountainous country where the snowfall is heavy and where good skiing conditions prevail during the winter and early spring.
  • Throughout the portion of the province included in Canada and Alaska the snowfall is abundant, but heaviest towards the Atlantic coast.
  • In a moment they were crowding the trackside, staring with stupid eyes and mouths agape at the miniature snowfall of sugar, and the wreckage of whitewood barrels.
  • Sunday night the storm abated, but on Monday and Tuesday there was again half a gale, with snowfall and drift, and nearly 28 degrees of frost.
  • Though probably not high enough to be heavily glaciated they were high enough to receive an increased snowfall and to hold it, or a portion of it, over from one year to another.

Definition of Snowfall

An instance of falling of snow. | The amount of snow that falls on one occasion.
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