Snowing In A Sentence

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  • It was snowing again.
  • It was snowing at the time.
  • It was snowing a little.
  • It was snowing thick and fast.
  • It was still snowing stormily.
  • It had been snowing with us at intervals all day.
  • One day it was snowing downright hard.
  • Or dogwood blossoms snowing on the lawn?
  • It was snowing heavily and the wind was rising.
  • It was growing dark and still snowing briskly.
  • It was snowing fast then, and she kept him all night.
  • It was broad daylight, and snowing fast.
  • Was it snowing I spoke of?
  • It was snowing quite steadily, and the wind still blew.
  • The Snowing of the Pines.
  • On the next day, Saturday, it was still snowing hard.
  • All that day and all the night before it had been snowing hard.
  • It had stopped snowing and everything shone palely in ghostly white.
  • It was snowing when we crossed the hills, and it was fearfully cold.
  • It stopped snowing at last and the weather turned clear and crisp.
  • We are hungry for war news, and besides, it is snowing again.
  • Toward night the wind lessened, though it was still snowing fast.
  • The freezing cold seemed to chill me to the bone, and it was snowing hard.
  • Winter came Snowing and blustering through the Manor trees.
  • Oh, yes, it had been snowing hard at Crystal for two hours past.
  • It was snowing so hard you couldn't see the bus until it was 20 feet away.
  • Continued snowing till one o'clock, and about four it became perfectly clear.

How To Use Snowing In A Sentence?

  • Breakstone thought it likely that it was already snowing on the distant mountains.
  • Here it was quite dark, and the boy saw through the window that it was again snowing heavily.
  • It had stopped snowing as suddenly and quietly as it had begun, and the stars had come out.
  • It was snowing thickly, so that but little could be seen beyond the improvised shelter.
  • It has been snowing for a long time, but Clyde says he will take me hunting when it stops.
  • It was snowing too thickly for any of them to notice that this part of the track was entirely new to them.
  • Sammy was desirous of getting out through the cave entrance to see if it had stopped snowing and what the prospect was for clear weather.
  • It had been snowing slightly since morning, and now the flakes began to come down thicker than ever.
  • It was again snowing hard, and the east wind cut through my bourka as if it had been a thin linen jacket.
  • It was snowing and growing late when he wrote to a steamship agent making inquiries and asking for plans of staterooms.
  • It was snowing hard, and the afternoon grew dark rapidly, and the whirling flakes pursued a blinding career.
  • When the time came for Mary to start homewards it was snowing fast, and she did not like the prospect.
  • Pierre saw that, though it was still snowing beyond them, there were no whirling flakes between him and the Child.

Definition of Snowing

A fall of snow.
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