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How To Use Snub In A Sentence?

  • Simply because you have been kind to a poor devil, they start in to snub you, you!
  • There was an approving nod all around as this quiet snub dropped on the boaster and 'settled' him.
  • Never snub a child; the young heart is very sensitive, and takes a long time to forget.
  • What a dolt I must have been to snub away the possible codicil of a millionaire!
  • It was then that the snub flew home, with a strong impetus from the exasperated Pat.
  • This was nothing short of a snub to Crow, who was quiet for the rest of the day.
  • The message to Cadet Haynes was delivered without the suspicion of a snub in it.
  • But it was really not possible to snub any one possessed of such a courteous self-forgetting dignity.
  • I learned quickly to snub the boat by means of a rope and the numerous snubbing-posts along the canal.
  • He grinned when he saw me, and the thick snub of his nose would have seemed like a sneer at any other time.
  • Men will like Trudy and the women ridicule and snub her until she finds she has a real use for her claws.
  • They could not snub her without making him unhappy; they could not honor him without causing her to shine by reflected glory.
  • Lady Langmoor would have felt it her solemn duty to snub the young man had it been at all possible.
  • Naturally enough, she considered it a further attempt of the authorities to snub the day-boys, for whose advantage the school had been founded.
  • The most perfect example of a courteous snub with which I am acquainted was sent by a master of measured and ornamental prose.
  • Here was a golden opportunity to snub the girl who had found her "mixed," and instead of doing so she had meekly consented to be patronized.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Snub | Snub Sentence

  • Stebbing got more than one snub over the survey.
  • She had made up her mind to snub any such man.
  • There was a curve at the foot of the snub slope.
  • That little man had flaxen hair and a snub nose.
  • Neither beard nor ringlet must snub his agreeable advance.
  • But it was not always easy to snub Helen.
  • Never over-praise clever boys; never snub dull ones.
  • She had been afraid of letting anybody have a chance to snub her.
  • You've got a snub nose.
  • You don't want people to snub you later.
  • Suddenly she made up her mind to snub this uncomfortably stupid acquaintance.
  • Tries to snub a fellow, don't you know.
  • The women try to snub me, but they can't.
  • For thriuing without snub he will ouer-lay your grafted stocke much.
  • Then she began to snub you, and you to find new beauties in her character.
  • Had Pamela understood the snub that the old man had given him?
  • They're mean, stuck-up things, and they snub me awfully.
  • And Polly sighed as she wistfully felt of her little snub nose.
  • You used to snub me every time I tried to speak of marrying.
  • Lady Sophia was piquant and witty, with a snub nose and a playful disposition.
  • The snub was unmistakable, and Sara's cheeks burned.
  • The method adopted was to snub Mrs. Johnson whenever she spoke.
  • It would be ungrateful to snub Mr. John if he is trying to be kind.
  • You don't care if the Squire does snub your poor brother.

Definition of Snub

Conspicuously short. | Of the nose: flat and broad, with the end slightly turned up. | (mathematics, of a polyhedron) Derived from a simpler polyhedron by the addition of extra triangular faces.
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