Snubbing in a sentence

Definition of Snubbing

present participle of snub | The act by which someone is snubbed; a rebuke.

How to use Snubbing in a Sentence?

  • And truly she might well be angry at any one snubbing those young ones of hers.
  • Poor old Carlos was there when I blew in, and Myra was snubbing him unmercifully.
  • Lavinia was amiable enough, but constant snubbing had roused a spirit which guided her according to her moods.
  • Yes, the lord of creation often has to take snubbing quite meekly, for he can't help it.
  • The thought of young Carver's public snubbing before his friends was my one unmixed satisfaction.
  • I bolted; so I may easily be wrong; but it struck me that our Tiny was making up for her snubbing and avoiding.
  • Subsequently, his unconscious self-assertion had wrought with her as with the others, and her intention of snubbing him had faded into the limbo of projects abandoned without trial.
  • Her father had departed, her mother treated her vixenishly, snubbing her for a word, but the ugly business of yesterday seemed a matter settled and dismissed.

Short Example Sentence for Snubbing

  • They were snubbing her as a social inferior!
  • I liked him none the worse for snubbing me.
  • Suppose his official superiors helped, instead of snubbing him....
  • Rhoda was very silent; Peter supposed that Vyvian had been snubbing her.
  • You were quite rude to poor old Don Carlos, and now you are snubbing me.