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  • From snuffing out, with her pruning knife.
  • Barnacle was running about the encampment, snuffing eagerly for broken bits.
  • Anthony Ashley Cooper was there, but in opposition, snuffing the morrow.

How To Use Snuffing In A Sentence?

  • The animal slowed his pace and walked snuffing suspiciously to the waiting company.
  • Presently they heard a soft step on the snow outside, then there was a snuffing sound.
  • He was snuffing at the splashes of axle "dope" on the ground beneath the wagon.
  • The desperate personage, on the hocks of that snuffing out, would have been earnestly lynched.
  • They go about open-mouthed, gnashing their monstrous teeth and snuffing after human flesh.
  • The Chevalier succeeded in snuffing his candles three seconds sooner than the vicomte.
  • Tom Jonah came back with Neale and began snuffing about the spot where the fox had laid.
  • But Amilcare, snuffing wine, was in his glory, idol of a crowd he despised and meant to rule.
  • In First Avenue, babies lay naked on the floor, snuffing out for want of oxygen.
  • The colonel stood as if snuffing up the smoke of battle, and coolly criticising the manoeuvres of the combatants.
  • You fetch heaps of money across the sea, and then turn up your sublimely snuffing noses as if it stinks.
  • She felt like putting her head up in the air like a lost four-footed creature and snuffing for her home.
  • He laughed gaily as he went through the historically famous test of courage in snuffing the flaring candle wicks with his fingers.
  • The strain and tension of the day gave way, and the high hopes of the night before went out as at the snuffing of a candle.
  • He goes to and fro, snuffing the candles, and now and then holding one to the face of a favorite figure.
  • Bull heard no more, for he had rolled over, buried his face in his arms to hide from his snuffing nostrils whiffs of spirits.
  • A small dog ran along at his heels, snuffing about continually, as if expecting to find a rabbit or a squirrel.
  • The groom knelt by the brook and washed the dust from his face and ears, snuffing the cool water into his dusty nose and blowing it out.
  • Already night was stretching long gray, skeleton fingers into the late sunshine, as if to warm them at its glow before snuffing it out.
  • Suddenly, however, in one of the most dangerous parts of the rocky path, he stopped and began snuffing and smelling about.
  • Lying perfectly still they presently heard a sharp snuffing noise, and a minute or two later a bear came round a corner of the rock.
  • And now the foremost is standing snuffing within the open doorway, while others are stealing up, by dozens, behind the first.
  • Close behind him was the tiger, who had got out of his cage somehow, and, snuffing the grub, had made tracks for the coppers.
  • Here Hector suddenly rose up, and went to the door, where he stood snuffing in an inquisitive manner.
  • He turned his head this way and that, snuffing the air; then started, and went a few paces in a slow, undecided walk.
  • Get out," he snapped sharply, as a great husky, with bristling hair, came snuffing at his legs.
  • The Egret shifted her course slightly, and like the snuffing of a light disappeared round the first bend in the river.
  • Theresa said it with comical coolness; but Eloise screamed, as a little spaniel was perceived to be snuffing round the tablecloth.
  • Hiz ears are like a rabbits, always on end for sum disaster, and hiz nostrils are like the asses, snuffing misfortune out ov the east wind.
  • The deer grazed quietly, but the stag was ever and anon raising up his head and snuffing the air as he looked round, evidently acting as a sentinel for the females.
  • For half an hour we ride in silence save the words of encouragement to the hounds, which are snuffing about unsuccessfully and whipping the hoar-frost with their tails from the dry yellow stems of the grass.
  • The Major sighed and leaned back in his chair while Lord Cleeve watched him and, snuffing copiously, sighed sympathetically.
  • Picking up twigs in their trunks they used them to beat their sides and legs to drive off stinging insects or, snuffing up dust from the ground, blew clouds of it along their bellies for the same purpose.

Definition of Snuffing

present participle of snuff | The act by which a candle, etc. is snuffed out. | The act of one who snuffs or makes a low sniffing sound.
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